Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 185 Warmth

Jacob didn't want to see anyone else end up like Andy. Although it was not him who killed Andy, Andy was truly dying for him.

If so, he would feel tortured in the future. Maybe he would dream about their sacrifices.

The higher one stood, the more he had to bear. As a CEO, if he couldn't take the responsibility, then what was the difference between him and his employees?

Looking at the receding figure of assistant Cindy, Jacob also felt the wind was slightly weaker than on the top of the building. Perhaps everything was destined, and no one could change it.

No one wanted to see tragedy happening, but tragedy was happening every day in this city. No one wanted to feel sad, but there were always people here who were sad every day. No one wanted their relationship to be destroyed, but no one could help when it was broken.

He was just the one who happened to suffer from one of these tragedies.

Jacob thought that this might be a real hurdle in his life. On one hand, her father was seriously ill; on the other hand, her wife was disappointed with him. Now, his company was in a crisis.

All these happened in such a short period, and he could just stand aside and witness all these without doing anything to improve the situation.

A feeling of predestination overwhelmed Jacob. However, Jacob was the kind of person who always tried to fight against his destiny and walk his own way.

Jacob raised his eyes to look at the woman beside the rooftop. Maybe she thought that she would get permanent freedom after jumping down. But Jacob would never accept that.

In Jacob's view, people came to this world to experience their lives and to explore possibilities. If one choose to end his or her life like this, then all these possibilities were gone.

It was easy to die, and it was more difficult to choose to live. People always tend to go the easy way. However, easy ways usually end up in regret.

woman before him. He was too far away to see her face clearly. From the very beginning, he had already felt a strong desire of the woman

exact, she hated the rich. She hated not only the rich, but

As a successful businessman. Jacob had seen all kinds of people. As for this kind of people, he

expect himself to meet such a person in this occasion. The only positive aspect for Jacob was that as he was annoyed by her, he had no time

it weren't for this,

had temporarily forgot the helpless

other people's indifference. After divorce, Jacob realized how much he cared about the Sara's attitudes towards

might be the human nature to provoke the one you cared about.

values would not change in an instant, but her thoughts could. At this moment, Chloe decided not

only because Jacob agreed to buy her a cemetery, but also because he showed some respect for her. Why not wait until the truth

with ease. Thinking that she had drew his attention in this was, she felt

Jacob said something rude today, she would definitely jump down

Chloe. Perhaps this event had already caused invocatable loss, perhaps others would say that

knew that she was not that kind

she would take so long to walk over such a small place.

it was critical to Chloe. The conversation decided whether she should stay alive or not. In the end, she chose to fight against

men who was wrong, not the world. Jacob's word echoed in Chloe's ears. It was rare

naturally judge him or her by stereotype. The process went so

looked indifferent,

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