Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 186 Amiable

"Do you have any good idea to solve the problem?" The woman asked. Maybe part of those people really cared about her, but there must be part of them who were just looking on. She didn't want to meet those people either.

"I'll ask my assistant to send you away, but I hope you can cooperate with us." Jacob thought quickly. He had to go to the scene after dealing with her.

That was where the real challenge lay, and that was where the real tragedy happened.

There would be countless victims' families waiting for him, making it dangerous for him. But Jacob couldn't escape from that. If he didn't go, his conscience would be condemned.

It was not necessary for Jacob to be present. The tragedy had gone beyond his prediction.

After handing Chloe to his assistant, Jacob returned to the CEO's office. There were several reporters downstairs, and at this moment, not only those reporters, but also some insiders were coveting him.

But it didn't matter. Anyway, there would always be people who takes pleasure in other's misfortune. Jacob sat on the chair in the office and began to cough violently.

He felt as if he had drunk a lot of wine. He caught a cold, but he didn't care. Even if he felt uncomfortable, it was not the right time for him to be delicate.

If he left his position at this moment, where should the company go?

Jacob made a cup of tea to dispel the coldness. At this moment, this felt of loneliness and helplessness became clearer for him. He even thought that if only Sara were here at this moment.

Jacob was shocked by his own thoughts. What could Sara do in such a situation? Could she solve the current problem? Could she even make things get better? It seemed that she couldn't.

But with Sara beside him, she could give herself strength and make him feel less fragile. At least he wouldn't feel so dizzy now.

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to go to the scene of the accident." Jacob stood up

sofa next to him. The black and white plaid scarf was a gift from Sara. He had never noticed that before, but now his memory of it was getting increasingly clear.

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