"I'll go with you." James also stood up. He was always majestic and unquestionable.

"Okay." Jacob nodded calmly. It was not bad to have someone accompany him at such a moment.

They stood up and walked out of the office. James closed the door. Then he followed Jacob closely, like a loyal subordinate. But only Jacob knew that when he was with James, it was James who gave him strength.

As for Jacob, he just relied on James. But this time, he couldn't wait to face it himself. Maybe he had learned to face it on his own earlier.

James remained the same as several years ago, but Jacob had changed too much.

From a young boy who was still inexperienced to what he was now, it was not that he had changed fast, but that the world had forced him to grow.

If he didn't grow up, he couldn't protect the person he wanted to protect. If he didn't grow up, his father and uncle would always need to worry about him all the time.

Therefore, Jacob had to grow up. As a result, facing such a big matter, others would think that the sky was falling, but Jacob had to bite the bullet to face it.

There was nothing that he couldn't face, only someone he couldn't face. Jacob raised his well-shaped face and walked ahead unhurriedly.

The employees along his way looked at him seriously. They knew what was going on in the company. Once it involved life and a series of consequences, it was no longer a trifle.

People in the company had already talked about this matter during the meeting in the office. Some people thought that Jacob would solve it with a large sum of compensation. After all, money makes the mare go.

Therefore, some people were desperately calculating the amount of compensation. On the one hand, they surprised themselves by the amount; on the other hand, they felt that the family of the dead had really earned a lot.

this matter was not that simple. The reason why it exploded must be because of the management or equipment of the company.

might not be as simple as spending money. Maybe someone would be put in

was the CEO. The position of CEO was coveted by many people. Some people would covet something

resign or

worked in the Shi Group, they would feel proud in front of their family and friends. But they didn't know if it would

all, everyone was an animal that sought profit and avoided harm. No one really had the determination to seek his own doom and pursue it regardless

that the CEO had made too many enemies and was plotted by others. Although this was only a

board meeting. It was understandable that Jonathan would mock Jacob in the past, but it was inconceivable and suspicious today.

company's safety was not put in the first place, but for him it was urgent to find someone to

time. But when they saw Jacob, there was inexplicably a trace of respect. Even at this time, Jacob remained

the CEO was the CEO. No one present could

of their lives, but most people would never admit it. They didn't admit defeat. They thought that they just didn't find a

was not just words. Jacob still held his

sight, the company was in

CEO be so calm? That was

genius. He doesn't seem

Have you watched the news? When the CEO first came to the company this morning, his face seemed to be injured. No one knew what had happened. But he didn't even blink his eyes

said that the CEO tempted her by offering her a large sum of money. In my opinion, the reporter doesn't understand our

you mean by that? Didn't our company pay

vulgar? If you die, do you still care about whether your notes

prepared. It's really reassuring." A woman fell into a fantasy. Only at this moment did she realize that the

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