Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 188 Let Me Explain

"Assistant Cindy, let me explain." The female colleague's face was reddening in a moment. Even if it was shameful to admit her cowardice in front of so many people, it was nothing compared to work.

"You should keep these words to the CEO. I'm very busy now and have no time to listen to you. As for those who have just spoken, you know better than me how well the company treats you. Now the company is in trouble. Is it really proper for you to damage its reputation like this? "

Cindy looked at the people who had just talked with contempt, and some of them had their faces flushed. They all recalled what they had just said, but they couldn't remember anything when they were nervous.

The more nervous they were, the more scared they were, and the more regretful they were. Someone pinched their thigh hard in order to remember what they had just said. They hoped that the action would help them to regain their memories. But they didn't feel anything but hurt.

"Assistant Cindy, don't leave." The female colleague shouted excitedly, but saw assistant Cindy quickly leave. A mixed feeling of entanglement, regret, nervousness and so on were lingering in the female colleagues' hearts.

A few minutes after Cindy left, the female colleague stood up.

"Please explain it for us… We didn't mean to do that. " A male colleague replied.

The female colleague looked back nervously at everyone present, as if she was going to die, which made everyone gasp.

She didn't have much contact with Assistant Cindy. She just felt that Cindy was a meticulous and self-disciplined person.

She was still struggling in her heart. What if she went to find Assistant Cindy later and was scolded again? Kate felt like she had swallowed a fly.

On the one hand, she regretted that she had discussed all these gossips. On the other hand, she felt that she was really unlucky. So many people were talking about that, but only she was in trouble now.

her to enter such a big company as the Shi Group and get today's position.

She won't let that happen. Such a result was really ironic from her

to Cindy. Now she felt regret that she didn't maintain a good relationship with Cindy. Kate was really regretful. Even though there was no grudge between she and Cindy, she should have thought

were sweating. Although she was a seasoned employee, she always felt inferior to

the society, your position, not your working age,

peaceful life. But once they climbed to a higher position, they would be

in." Assistant Cindy said softly.

quietly, hesitating and nervous. She kept pulling the corner of her

continued to look at the documents in her hands.

if nothing had happened. It was obvious that she

the CEO about that. After all, he must be very busy dealing

properly or not before speaking each sentence out. Due to excessive nervousness, her body curled up slightly, looking like a coward.

as if it could cover up her cowardice. It seemed that she could happily integrate into the crowd in this way, as if she could be unscrupulous.

The orator just now was trembling in an instant. It was really ironic. However, Cindy couldn't really smile. At such a moment, people were

a home, they shouldn't add insult to the company. She didn't want to make things difficult for Kate.

she wouldn't remember

some sausages from my hometown. It tastes good. How about I bring you some? Please forgive

about to cry. If Cindy still refused to forgive her after she had begged her

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