Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 189 Duty Bound

It was everyone's duty to perform their own duties in their position. How could she get what she wanted if she couldn't even do her job well?

Kate went out, feeling a little depressed. She cast a hateful glance at Cindy, who was reading the documents. It was only a small matter, but it cost her so much talking. Cindy was really good at making a mountain out of a molehill.

But Kate dared not to say anything. If she went back to the office in this way, she would lose face when others asked.

Fortunately, no one asked her when she returned to her office. Everyone was afraid of getting themselves into trouble and wanted to get rid of Kate. Kate was very angry, but she didn't know how to vent it.

In the office, everyone was worrying about themselves and only thinking about how to deal with the things in their hands.

Jacob and James took the elevator to the reception hall on the first floor of the company. Then Jacob saw Jonathan from a distance.

With just a glance, Jacob turned his head, as if Jonathan didn't exist.

Seeing that Jacob looked down upon him in this way, Jonathan felt annoyed. 'I'll let you show off for two more days. Then, I'll crush you hard under my feet.' Jonathan thought viciously.

"Where are you going?" Jonathan's voice was neither loud nor low, and easily reached the ears of Jacob and James.

Jacob didn't look at him, as if he didn't exist at that time. James also felt him noisy. If Jonathan was not a junior, he would be punished because of his attitude.

They went straight past Jonathan, and Jacob acted as if nothing had happened. His attitude completely angered Jonathan.

Jonathan stretched out his hand and blocked Jacob's way.

"Can't you hear my question? Where are you going?" There was unconcealed anger in Jonathan's voice. 'How dare Jacob ignore me in front of so many people! Doesn't he know that he'll get into trouble if I'm really angry?'

"Get out of my way." Jacob raised his eyes, looking indifferent, but his tone was unquestionable.

this time, Jacob was still so domineering, which made Jonathan

dare a man full of crisis look down on me

seemed to have made up his mind today.

help lighting a cigarette. As soon as he took a draw,

calmly. Since he wanted to know, he could tell him. Anyway, it was not a

hand, with contempt in his eyes. He would never learn to be as calm as Jacob, as if he would never know why he couldn't get the position

smiled and changed his mind. "I'll go

want to do? To

It's none of your business." Jacob smoked. He wondered why there were so many people trying to block his way.

left quickly. Jonathan smiled. He was extremely happy at this moment. Finally he would get what he wanted.

to take over the mess now. He'd better

away, Jonathan followed him

new home, Bess and Noah

breathed a sigh

long path to the door of the vestibule. It was not until then that Sara raised her head and took a closer look at the new villa. It was not far from both families of the

of the house was quite warm. The warm color of the wall gave people a warm feeling. But now, Sara didn't care about that. She didn't even have time to talk about the details of the

case was more urgent.

walked into the warm room. There was no need to wear thick clothes. It was warm in

her hands on her mouth, Sara took a deep breath. Then she followed Bess and Noah to sit on the fluffy sofa

no methods to help." Bess looked dejected and

know, but I want you to do me a favor." Sara said anxiously. It was not a small matter. If she

to do?"

on earth Sara wanted to do. At this moment, they

building today." There was firmness on Sara's delicate face. Yes, she just wanted to find that woman. Only that

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