Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 190 Are You Going In

They were two people who were eager for freedom, so it was reasonable for them to worry that their marriage would become shackles. But Sara believed that they would handle it well. After all, as long as the two people loved each other, they could solve all the problems.

"By the way, I'm going out to buy some food. Wait for me to come back. Sara, why not have dinner here today? I'll cook by myself. " Noah was about to stand up as he spoke, and Bess nodded at him.

Sara's eyes widened in surprise. She didn't know that Noah was able to cook. Just think about it. A man who was rich, handsome, faithful and good tempered could already be regarded as the best mate. Now such a man also knew how to cook! Bess was so lucky to have Noah as her husband.

Bess knew that Noah was leaving her time to chat with his bestie. He was always so considerate.

"Bess, you are right to wait then." With a smile on her face, Sara looked happy for Bess from the bottom of her heart.

"Yes. Noah is really a good man, and I do love him. " Bess blushed as she said that. Although she was before her bestie, she still felt embarrassed to speak out her inner thoughts so frankly.

"I'm relieved to see you like this. I want to be the godmother of your child in the future. " After drinking up the coffee in the cup, Sara finally felt warm all over her body.

"Of course. By the way, what did you mean by Jacob would send you home?" Bess lay on the sofa. Maybe it was because of the materials of the sofa that Bess looked more dignified.

"It's a long story." As soon as Sara thought about Alice, a wave of emotion surged in her heart.

She thought she was already done with Jacob, but she would also be annoyed by things about him. Sara felt bad about the situation as she couldn't control her emotion.

Sara didn't know where to start the topic. She found herself always talking with Bess about her miserable fate.

Perhaps this fate had already been decided from the very beginning. But at that time, Sara was unaware of that.

no more choices for her. The life track of people were fixed at their

became increasingly mature and attractive. These changes wouldn't happen

falling in love with others should have such

what happened to her, Bess frowned. Why was Sara's marriage so complicated? Shouldn't

for her good friend. She was such a good woman, but she was hurt in love

it's too coincidental?" Bess frowned. Although

always come one after another, and I'm just a drop of water in the whirlpool of fate." Sara had already put down the coffee

how can you be so pessimistic?" Bess shook her head. She could feel that Sara was no longer as

whether the fate determined one's personality, or one's personality was determined by the fate. However she was sure that fate and personality was closely related.

hands. He walked through the porch and took off his shoes. "It's so cold outside.

shoes and spoke to the two girls in the

be getting cold again recently. " Sara answered while turning to Bess.

cook? There are only you two in such a big villa. " Sara asked with her

said that he wanted to enjoy lover's world. So we didn't hire cooks and servants." The smile on Bess's face was as bright and beautiful as the peach blossom in spring.

should be. " Sara exclaimed, thinking of her own life in a touch of sadness.

going to cook. You guys continue." Noah walked to the sofa where they seated.

him with her loving eyes, which made Sara feel that they were deliberately making

factory, there were still many people gathering at the gate. A banner was held by the family members of the victims read, "We want

scene was a little chaotic. The police cordon was surrounded around the gate of the factory. It had been over 24 hours since the explosion.

company was about to promote the new energy on a large scale. What really distressed him was that all his efforts was in vain when

nearby. It was clear that someone would

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