Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 192 Let It Go

Hearing the number, Jacob frowned. With so many casualties, the accident would be difficult to subside. Although the company had promised to compensate the families of victims, as long as the responsibility lay in the company, some people would never let it go so easily.

But what was the true reason of the accident? Jacob always felt that something was trying to prevent the truth from flowing out of the water. There must be.

But what was it? The three of them were all confused.

"Is there anything suspicious on the spot?" James continued to ask. He looked like a top private detective.

It was not the first time for Jacob to find that James was an amazing person. Just now, the police wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He didn't know what was going on.

But what James said hit the nail on the head. Although he didn't experience the accident and knew nothing in detail about it. How could he be so sharp? Was it because he had rich experience?

"Well… Let me see. " The policeman held one hand with the other, and the hand held was clenched into a fist and placed on his chest, as if he was thinking carefully.

"I don't think so… But I'm not sure. After all, there are many remains of buildings on the ground after the explosion. I don't know what is buried under them. " The policeman looked regretful. Today's goal was only to save people, and the on-site investigation was not that important for now.

After a long walk, they finally arrived at the gate of the factory. The gate was at the edge of collapse, which made Jacob felt bitter. Sure enough, the power of the energy explosion was huge. This single explosion mutilated the plant covering 100 square meters.

If it wasn't connected to other plants, it might have been razed.

Thinking of the workers buried here in an instant, their face turned gloomy.

They couldn't imagine how terrible the scene was.

After the explosion, fire broke out here. Even if the police moved quickly, it was still late when they arrived. The cause of the accident was still unidentified. Through the surveillance, they found that there was no open fire at beginning.

most strange thing.

half-closed gate, James stopped Jacob. "I'll go in first to see what's going

that he looked familiar, even

to worry too much. Anyway, the

was surprised that at this time, James's first thought was to protect

would be in charge of the company? Jonathan? No, he wasn't even a qualified director. He cannot be the leader of

James returned to the gate. He

about to fall, the originally huge gate was

fully accessible. The light went off in the room, and the whole room was in cinders, making the

burnt filled the room.

new energy production line, many steel tubes were installed below the ceiling, making it looked like a stadium. The spacious room suddenly became

in the ruins, hoping to find survivals. So far, the number

solved if these four people were missing like this.

it was just a simple explosion case. But on second thought, there were some things that were

space beside them, there was a burnt body. With a single glance, Jacob turned back. The scene looked a little scary. The body was totally carbonize. It was unknown if he was

the ground and asked,

people were killed. However, they didn't see that

was unrecognizable. We are conducting a DNA test. When the result comes out, they will inform his family about his death. "

would be better after going back to the factory. But because the

was still shocked at the sight of the body.

to take some photos so that he could analyze it. At least he could show others the photos when he discussed with them.

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