Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 193 Wasting Time

His words had been heard by the families of the victims. Some people cast resentful eyes, while some looked at them coldly without making any movement.

Jonathan glanced at the people around and felt a little guilty.

"Sir, the person in charge of the company has just entered. I don't know who you are and why you're here. In this case, I hope you can calm down and wait for our investigation results. "

The police comforted him patiently. The man in front of him who claimed to be in charge of the company had such a bad attitude. If it weren't for the police's good professional ethics, he would never talk to such a person.

Director? So what? Even if the president came, he had to be polite. Otherwise, he wouldn't be allowed in. The way you behave in the company was not applicable before the police.

If you do anything ultra, you may be sued for harassing the police.

Realizing that he couldn't get in, Jonathan cursed in his heart. Now, he could know nothing about what was going on inside.

How did Jacob get in? Did he spend money to bribe the police? She glanced at the policeman in front of him and found that he didn't look like a person who could be bought. But Jacob went in anyway. He had been in for a long time, but Jonathan could only tangle with the police at the gate.

Jonathan stamped his foot heavily. He had missed a good opportunity. He should have a chance to go in and see the scene, but now he was stopped by the young police in front of him.

"Boss, what should we do now?" The assistant, who kept rubbing his hands, lowered his head and asked, looking a little bitter.

"Cut the crap. Since the police said we couldn't get in, we'll wait here. Jacob will come out. " Jonathan had no choice but to vent his anger on his assistant.

"Yes, I'm sorry, sir." The assistant was scolded and still apologized. The scene looked very sad. But he had no choice. Everyone had their own way of living.

long time, Jacob finally came out of the factory.

He was really haunting. This time, this dandy was more determined than

Jacob at the door. If Jacob made trouble again today, he would not let Jacob

matter if he behave ignorantly at ordinary times. But today, given the big issues happened, if he still behave like

people's mind. When he saw Jacob come out, he

so familiar, as if he had heard of it somewhere. After

as he cursed, "Damn it!

Just ask him. It would be best if Jacob couldn't answer your questions. It would be even better if a family member came out to stop Jacob and

abuse, but unexpectedly, Jonathan didn't get angry but smiled. The confused assistant stood aside

glance at Jonathan. He must have shouted on purpose. James was angry, but he couldn't lose his temper in front of the reporters.

before, but now it seemed that he was not thoughtless but

cruelty were two completely different things. When James stood beside Jacob, he felt at ease. He felt that although Jacob and Jonathan were both among the young generation of the Shi clan, Jacob was much better than

looked at Jacob coldly. They knew he was the president. However, before the situation was

the other way, would not give up such a good opportunity.

have any secret or any other unrevealed purposes? " A female reporter asked

just your personal conjecture." Jacob looked at the camera coldly. He could have left as soon

joyfully aside. It seemed that he had treat

or are you afraid that the explosion would cause some negative effects on your company?" The reporter's words were getting sharper. Only in this way could their news be more attractive.

think I have made myself clear." Jacob straightened his clothes and looked back at

were among the most active ones. They couldn't miss such a good opportunity. If they couldn't stop Jacob, it

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