Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 194 Make A Big Mistake

Now the primary task for him was to leave here. He didn't want to be entangled here.

"Director, are you trying to weasel out?" The reporter refuted. He ignored what James had just said and switched his target to him.

James had seen many people like him before.

"Weasel out? We are always doing what we should do. There is nothing to escape from. Unlike some people who had always been trying to make up facts. " James retorted, not afraid of the reporters at all.

"Making up facts? I'm sorry. We just want to know the truth. " The reporter's eyes were sparkling. He didn't expect that James would dare to say that in front of the camera.

"You all know whether you are making up the truth or not. You just want the final result to follow your own wishes. A person like you shouldn't be qualified as a reporter. What you're doing everyday was just fabricating facts and getting news source by fair means or not. "

James said sarcastically, which stunned the surrounding reporters and family members. No one had ever dared to say anything wrong to the reporters in front of them. James was the first one who break the taboo.

Jonathan stopped smiling. He didn't expect that James was such a tough guy. After saying that, all the people present were speechless.

Because what he said was true. Everyone just hoped that the situation would develop as they imagined. Apart from the police, few people present really wanted to know the cause of the accident.

What really matters for them was that the truth should conform to their expectation.

After all, the accident had happened and could not be changed anyway. Then what remained to be unveiled was the cause of the accident.

"Director, we have never made up any facts. Did you mean that the all the practitioners of the media industry are fabricating news? " The reporter had already figured out how to deal with the situation. Anyway, he was always in a favorable position, and it was impossible for the other party to turn the tables.

This was an overwhelming conversation without any suspense in everyone's eyes. But Jacob didn't think so. The number of people was not an element to decide which side would win. No matter how the reporters described it, it should be based on the facts.

logical flaw was self-evident. After a short consideration, some people thought what the reporters said was reasonable. The

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such an intense situation. That's not a kind of quality which average people had. The reporter was stunned due to the directness of James. It seemed that the director before him was not like the other interviewees from big companies who were always avoiding the contradictions

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realize that everyone's attention had been attracted by James's attitude from the

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us to deal with in the company, and there are policemen here. You can wait for the police to interview

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the police would be no more that official answers. Moreover, they dared not offense the police in the same way

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life is in a mess, and there were news about you fighting with others in the past. Will your inhibited behavior pattern influence your company? For example, will your private life cause a negative impact

like a bomb, spreading in the crowd. So from now on, Jacob's private life was exposed

the reporter with appreciation. He did a good job. He finally saw someone asking

of the people wouldn't like to be the one who stand out and

his family life had been brought to

about to go crazy, James gently pulled Jacob's sleeve, indicating him not

bit aggressive. Besides, family affairs should be limited within family, and business is business. Naturally, they are separated. Was your private life influencing your

It was not the right time to lose control. He only hoped Jacob could calm down and not

Jacob and his ex-wife were always at odds. I don't know if it's true or not. If it was true, it should have a great impact on his work. After all, behind a successful man, there must be a woman who will

this topic could successfully affect Jacob's emotion, so he continued

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