Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 195 An Old Song

'Since we are all adults, why should we ask others to pay for our own ideal?' To put it bluntly, some reporters were making an interview not to discover the news, but to dig into other people's privacy.

Jacob didn't want to explain at all. Suddenly, some family members in the crowd made way for him. From beginning to end, Jacob had never denied that he was responsible. It was just that the grief was too great, so they were too anxious.

They were too eager to know the answer, so they didn't wait. They were too eager to know the answer, so no one paid attention to it at all. Jonathan angrily waved his sleeve. Jacob's indifferent attitude hurt him.

He just wanted to embarrass Jacob. How could it be so difficult?

The assistant carefully observed the expression on Jonathan's face and asked, "Boss, are you okay?"

With a gloomy face, Jonathan said, "Fuck! Let's go. I can't stand it anymore."

The assistant nodded and bowed to lead Jonathan into the car.

Before getting on the car, Jonathan took a look at Jacob, who was also looking at him. The culprit of today's matter was Jonathan. If it weren't for him, he wouldn't have been stopped at the door. He had been questioned for so long, and it was about his family matter.

Jonathan looked at Jacob with a bad face and ignored his response. Anyway, he was born to dislike Jacob. He just wanted Jacob to live a hard life, so what could Jacob do to him?

Jacob got on his car while the others were asking.

James drove the car and Jacob sat on the passenger seat.

"How was it? Was everything okay just now?" James asked with concern. He could obviously feel the change in Jacob. He didn't expect that Jacob's family affairs would be involved directly.

"It's okay. Thank you, Uncle James." Jacob rested his head on one hand and pretend to fall asleep.

The reporter was right. The impact of divorce on life was really invisible. He always felt that he couldn't make up for what he had lost. However, even so, Jacob had to admit that he would still live a good life.

kind of life was no longer complete. Without Sara, his life

he wanted to get rid of Sara, but now he regretted a

think twice, and that he was too sure about his feelings. He regretted trusting

too easily. He thought everything was

to realize that the one he

recalling his youth. When he was young, he was frivolous. But he

went on, but his heart was getting colder and colder.

get married when you were young?" Jacob looked up.

I can't let it go." James held the steering wheel more tightly. These things had been hidden for too long, and he didn't want to mention them

of what? Who?" Jacob opened his eyes and stared blankly ahead. When James was young, he had a girlfriend and would never marry anyone except her.

seemed to be dragged back to the past. He had said that it would be buried forever, but today he

another man?" Jacob narrowed his eyes.

James's eyes were filled with some kind

the same as you that she doesn't want to get married in her whole life?" Jacob wondered why the people in love couldn't be together. Why were there so many tragedies hidden

away." James looked a little painful. If he had stopped earlier, such a thing might not have happened. But he had to face this sad ending.

turned out that this was

wonder such an outstanding man like Uncle James didn't get married in his whole life.


sad voice seemed to have the magic to break through people's heart. Jacob tried to pretend to be calm, but now he was too stunned

I can't forget her, let alone marry another woman." James's

her death. Perhaps only

only time can teach us

sighed heavily. The most sad thing in the world was the death of a heart. After a person's heart died, all his emotions were no longer vivid. He

had been smiling every day. Actually the smile was the disguise of

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