Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 197 It Doesn't Make Sense

From getting on the car out of the villa to lying on the hospital bed, Jacob kept murmuring. He couldn't stop as if he was insane.

Looking at Jacob's face with his closed eyes, Sara was lost in thought. This face used to be so familiar and full of joy, anger, sadness and ruthlessness. But now it was full of pain.

Why did Jacob call her name instead of Alice? Why didn't she understand what he was murmuring when he called her name?

What on earth was going on? 'My life was already dilapidated. Is it just a joke of god? 'Sara wondered.

If Jacob didn't love her, then everything he had done could be forgiven. No, not forgiven, but understood. After all, if he didn't love her, he wouldn't treat her sincerely.

But if Jacob loved her, then all things happened would be understood by Sara. Why would he hurt her again and again?

With a strange look, she looked at Jacob, who was lying on the bed in pain. He had a high fever, 39.5 ℃. His forehead was burning. God knew why his situation was getting worse.

Sara stayed with Jacob the whole day. In the afternoon, Jacob's fever was finally brought down and he was much sober.

In fact, Jacob had already been awake. He just hoped that such a moment could be longer and longer. After all, it would be not that easy for him to stay with Sara like this in the future.

This moment could be met but not be seek.

Sara didn't find anything wrong with Jacob. She thought that he didn't wake up until the afternoon. But it was good that he finally woke up. After all, she needn't worry about him anymore.

Sara tried her best to forget the whispers of Jacob when he was in a coma. But she couldn't control herself and wanted to ask Jacob about that.

But at this moment, it seemed inappropriate for her to discuss such private affairs with Jacob. Anyway, she wasn't going to forgive him. Sara was not sure whether she should ask him or not, so she decided to talk about it later.

time." Jacob opened his mouth with a smile. He didn't know why

his last gasp and was still smiling, hoping to comfort others.

some porridge here. Would you like some? " The expression on Sara's face didn't change much. It was a mixture of

weak. He was having an infusion

Just sit up and I'll feed you." Sara stopped Jacob in a soft voice.

to be brave wouldn't end up well? But she couldn't say anything to blame

spoon from the heat preservation box. The porridge was crystal clear, Winnie

see Sara like this in real life rather than in his dreams. Did Sara forgive him? Did she know that how much he loved her, not

past were real, and unchangeable. That was the most

was like playing chess. Just one false move may cause the

do so. Fate treats

extent, it was true

down. Sick people shouldn't eat too greasy, so she only

had no appetite, but since it was Sara who fed him, he naturally willing

it was the most delicious meal that Jacob had ever had since they got divorced. Even if it was poison,

feeding him, Sara asked, "Is it

head, the smile on his face could no longer be hidden.

on my face? " Though confused, her voice was soft and reassuring.

think it's rare for you to behave like this." Jacob began to say honeyed words that he had never said before. It turned out that he had always been good at flirting, but he

a fever." It was not until she blurted out

he had guessed something. After all, anyone could see the embarrassment on Sara's face.

nonsense." Not knowing how to answer, she just wanted to put this off. Anyway, no matter

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