Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 199 Bright And Piercing Eyes

Sara didn't intend to tell Jacob that she was going to find the woman named Chloe. On the one hand, she was afraid that Jacob would think she cared about him if he knew it. Although it was true, she didn't want to show it.

On the other hand, she couldn't confirm the specific situation yet. However, when Sara thought of the doubtful point in the whole event, she believed that woman must be a breakthrough.

But whether she could really break through or not was uncertain.

"When can I leave the hospital? Did the doctor tell you? " Jacob kept his eyes on Sara. Judging from how nervous she was seeing him ill, Jacob knew that Sara still loved him

Jacob felt that he was like a boat floating on the sea. He was not sure about where to go. He thought Alice was the beacon he finally found, but later he found that she was just a starlight in his life.

The starlight disappeared in a flash, and the real beacon was Sara.

Love was like pushing a stone up a mountain. Some people were looking for love all their lives. They may fall while the peak was within their reach.

But falling was not a big deal. The most terrible thing was that one couldn't rise after falling.

Many couples had quarreled and fought for their whole lives. Outsiders couldn't understand them at all. If they couldn't live with each other, why didn't they divorce? In fact, life would continue anyway. You may feel disappointed on your mate, but marriage could still continue without love.

Jacob had been ready to wait for Sara all his life. He didn't care when she would forgive him.

"Do you know what I said when I was surrounded by reporters at the gate of the factory yesterday?" Jacob said in a gentle voice, as if he was going to show all the tenderness that had not happened in the past.

Sara recalled that he had said divorce had no effect on his life or something like that. Of course it didn't have any effect on his life. After all, he didn't love her at all.

Sara's heart was still beating fiercely, as if expecting something. Sara knew that she was still loving the

know. I've watched the news." Sara kept a calm face. No matter

Sara could control her own emotion. She was no longer the woman

my life just because I was divorced? Will my life be ruined after I get divorced? " Jacob took

and show a strong emotional fluctuation. He had always

You are right. I don't think there is any loophole. " Sara said as if she didn't care about it at all. Since he didn't love her, it didn't matter whether they divorced or

my questions and failed to react

of blame in her words. Since they had nothing to do with each

away forever. Therefore, when Jacob said he wanted a divorce her, Sara could bear the sadness and sign it

their dignity for love, some people give up their love for

be difficult to control. Especially in love, it might be unrealistic to withhold your dignity. A usual love was nothing more

In the love with Jacob, Sara was much older than before.

and tough heart, only Sara, who had experienced it personally, could understand how difficult

My life should not only about work and life. There should also be love in my life. It's just I realized it too late. I always thought my

precious treasure. It took him so long to realize that the person in front of him

Sara's fault. It was just that Jacob didn't

He was a man with heart. But the more he wanted to save their relationship, the

people just didn't know how to love at all. If you

had always been the most difficult problem in one's life, and Jacob had taken a lot of detours. He was too cold and stubborn to say the he loved anyone. Besides, he

was not a TV drama. It could be more unbelievable than a TV drama. Jacob looked at Sara sincerely, with

Sara. If possible, Jacob would never want

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