Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 200 Delighted

Anyway, there was no joy on Sara's face. She felt herself like a child expecting a gift that she had been looking forward to for a long time. After being disappointed again and again, she finally got it when she grew up. The joy in the past was gone.

Things were valuable only when one wanted it. If she was not that eager for the thing she had pursued, or even lost the interest for that totally, she wouldn't be happy anymore even if she really got that.

Jacob just looked at her in silence. He was looking forward to her words, although he thought he might have guessed it. . A bad feeling came to Jacob's mind. Maybe Sara had already been totally disappointed on him.

"Things will develop in the opposite direction when they reach the extreme. The master just felt that his life was complete. It was not because he was open-minded, but because he did not want to fell off from his happy life. That's why he chose to be a monk. Some people just didn't aware of what he want even at the end of their lives. "

Lowering his head, Sara looked depressed. Yes, she was depressed. No one understood her or cared about her at all. And Jacob was just creating all kinds of obstacles in her life. Nothing more.

"What do you want? Sara, I know I've hurt you deeply, but I don't want you to lose the fun and hope of life because of this. I... "

Jacob explained hurriedly, afraid that Sara would take things too hard. He was so excited that the transfusion needle pierced his vessel. A feeling of pricking came from his hand, but Jacob didn't care about it at all. It was not a problem for him now. The problem was what Sara was thinking.

"Pursuing love, pursuing the success of your career, and pursuing everything that looks shiny. But no one knew why they pursued those things, and no one knew what they really wanted. Why... "

Sara poured out a series of doubts from her heart. Maybe she should have said these in front of the master and follow his path, but the master said that it was not the time for her to be freed from the entanglement of the secular world.

And before that, she was not ready to devote her life to the Buddha. If she was not ready, she couldn't really be settled down as a nun. It would be a burden for the temple as well as herself if she insisted on pabbajja.

Of course Sara was not disillusioned with the mortal world, or she wouldn't feel aggrieved.

you were thinking after the divorce, but I just want to tell you. No matter what choice you make, I will respect you. It was my fault

so arbitrary, the situation wouldn't have been

just feel that everything is meaningless. I don't know why I still have to work hard

had fallen into an endless circle. In the past, she was not so pessimistic, but now her

She no longer cared about how to live her life. Anyway, no matter how

he felt that she was abnormal, but

to see a psychologist, Sara. When I am discharged from the hospital and the business of the company is temporarily suspended, I will take you to

cautiously. Now he had been so cautious when talking to Sara, fearing that she would

expect that Sara would be so pessimistic

at Jacob defensively. How could

panic. Was he aware of was he was talking

psychological guidance. Maybe you have put too much pressure on yourself these

can't see through the affairs

Sara was thinking about. Maybe it was because they had been separated for too long, or maybe

she made him felt scary. In the past, she was always entangled by external things,

You still can't forgive me. " Jacob lowered his head in frustration. He had never felt so frustrated before. He had never expected it to be so difficult to ask for a person's forgiveness.

we made in our life would be forgiven.

now, can you understand? In the past, if you said something unpleasant, I would feel uncomfortable all day long. Now, I'm almost

smiled bitterly. She planned to say all these in a jokingly way, but she still felt

in the past. I will try my best to

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