Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 201 Forever Alone

The most terrible thing for a person was not that he would be forever alone, but that he would be forever alone even though he had someone in his heart. Just like James. Ho always made others feel that he was lonely even when he was smiling. The person was almost forgotten by him. But he would sigh whenever he recalled her.

Jacob parked his car at the gate of the company and saw James at the first sight. He had been waiting for Jacob as he knew that he would come back.

The company was in a bad situation now, waiting for Jacob to come back. The case was a little clearer, but was still covered by mist.

"How do you feel now? Are you feeling better?" James asked with concern. He didn't forget to look out to see where Sara was.

"She's back. You don't need to look for her." Jacob's voice was full of exhaustion. Yesterday, he was seriously ill and chatted with Sara for a long time, but he didn't feel anything wrong. Now, he felt very uncomfortable.

"What's wrong, Jacob? What happened between you two?" Obviously, James was more concerned about Sara. Although the top priority was the business of the company, the marriage of Jacob was also very important.

"She never forgave me." Jacob looked sad, as if he was in great pain at the thought of this.

James rolled his eyes at Jacob and thought, 'Of course you won't be forgave for just several words'. Sometimes James was really worried by Jacob's EQ, but he also felt that Sara was really stubborn.

"How's the company going? How's the investigation going? " Jacob kept asking about the company as he walked forward.

Damn it! How could she be hospitalized at such a critical moment? However, he also felt lucky as he had finally knew what Sara was thinking in her mind. If it weren't for his illness, he might never be given that chance.

"Let's go back to the office first. The situation is not optimistic." James looked serious. He didn't expect it to be so serious either. Hearing his words, Jacob was a bit shocked in his heart. Even uncle was not optimistic about what had happened. Was there any big news happening after she was in hospital for only one day?

When they arrived at the office, James gently closed the door and sat on the sofa beside Jacob's office, lying there tiredly. He was always casual before Jacob. In the past two days, he was too tired and could not sleep well.

about the gesture of his uncle

the ceiling blankly. Assistant Cindy brought two cups of coffee

uncle?" Jacob felt a little

conflicts among the workers. Obviously, they were

had a bad relationship. How hard it would be to work with people you don't like every day?

bought for each worker, which was specially proposed by the group

frowned and stared at the ceiling blankly.

case of wilful killing?" Jacob took a deep breath. If the accident turned

It's almost a murder. But there are too many suspects and we don't know how the explosion happened. This case is very tricky. " James frowned

I always feel that there is something wrong. There are too many doubtful points,

Jacob continued to ask. Even if the case was not clear yet, an explanation was needed for the families

explosion was happening in the factory. The necessary process of compensation and procedures had to be gone through. Otherwise, they were likely to face the revenge from the angry families of the victims and the situation would be even harsher

While some others were quite calm, according to my observation. I think their reactions

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that woman? " Of course, Jacob was mentioning Chole.

his head and took a sip of coffee. The black coffee without sugar was so bitter that he frowned. Jacob was used to put nothing in coffee, because he thought too much sweet would

people feel annoyed. The sunshine went through the window and shone into the office. The shadow cast

maintained his posture, as if nothing had changed. He slightly moved his legs and said, "I don't

was so busy that he forgot to ask someone to investigate that woman. He felt that it might be just a coincidence. Besides, the police didn't get involved in looking for the woman called Chole. It

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