Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 202 Everything Will Be Fine

"If you don't have something else to do right now, I recommend you to check it through. I have to go to the factory later. Don't worry. I'll handle the problems with you. " James comforted Jacob. It was a serious accident, but not the end of the world. He must get through it.

Jacob nodded heavily and thought in his heart, "Thank you, uncle."

But he didn't say anything. He believed that the words of grateful were more suitable to be kept in mind than spoken out. Jacob watched James went out. Maybe Uncle James, who had gray temples, was the gift given by God.

Without thinking too much, Jacob gently pushed away his empty coffee cup. He wiped the table with a tissue, took out the documents and began to read.

After saying goodbye to Jacob, Sara didn't go home. Instead, she called Noah at the corner.

Noah said he had found out all the information about that woman, which made Sara nervous. She asked about the details, but Noah suggested a meeting with her to discuss the following steps in detail.

So she took a taxi to Bess's wedding villa.

Sara didn't expect that she would go to their villa two times before they got married. But it's not a big deal. Anyway, it was normal for her to visit Bess as her good friend. The point was that she went there twice for the affairs related to her ex-husband.

Bess and Noah seldom went to the company these days as they were busy preparing for their wedding. As a result, they now had more free time as well as annoying daily trifles.

Soon, Sara arrived at the house of Bess and Noah. She couldn't figure out why they had to meet and talk in detail. Was there anything wrong? Sara had been thinking about it all the way.

Upon arriving, she paid the taxi driver and ran into the villa.

The driver shouted, "Miss, I haven't given you the change."

"Just keep it."

Sitting on the sofa in the sitting room, Sara felt like sitting on pins and needles. There was no expression on the face of Noah. Bess was also silent.

juice in her hand, Sara clenched her hands, feeling that something

how he thought, it was a

happened to her?" Sara widened her eyes. The foreboding

answered and sat into the sofa with strength.

widened eyes, Sara asked, "When did

woman didn't have much money, so she wasn't hospitalized. She seemed to get some money recently, but we don't know

told the detailed information he got. He didn't know what the woman was thinking about. Anyway,

husband and her?" She lowered her head and took a sip of the juice. When the hot liquid entered her mouth, she felt relaxed. Anyway, all doubts

on each other. They had been together for 20 years, and the man had never let

Bess's sweet man. Bess didn't say anything but was in a daze.

they are a good couple, why did she go to the company instead

whole thing quickly, which had clearly appeared in front of her eyes. But

the event even more confusing.

problem through meeting her. Think about it. Isn't she the

that woman was indeed the biggest suspect in the whole case. There was no doubt

that women's sixth sense was right. She already felt something was

there alone. If anything happens to you, we couldn't afford it. After all, that woman was extreme and

was embarrassing to say these

asked tentatively. It was not as simple as she thought. She couldn't

worry about me. I don't have much to do with the accident. There should be no problem. I'm afraid that she might be scared with so many people around. Then we won't

smile on her face, Sara tried to comfort the young couple.

She didn't want Sara

that woman and I'll go to talk

through her heart as she was comforting her friends.

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