Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 205 Feeling Sorry

Perhaps, many people were similar to Sara. Although they said they didn't care about that figure, they cared about him or her very much in their hearts. They just refused to reveal their care by words.

When the car stopped, Sara handed him the money. "Keep the change, please."

She got out of the car and rushed into the reception hall on the first floor of the Shi Group. Although they had divorced, the receptionist knew Sara.

"Where is Jacob? I want to see him." Putting her hand on the table, Sara asked anxiously.

The receptionist called assistant Cindy immediately. She couldn't afford to offend the woman in front of her. If she was pissed off, disasters might happen.

"Mr. Jacob is in his office. He asked you to go upstairs directly."

The assistant at the front desk said respectfully. Of course, this was the reply from assistant Cindy. She didn't dare to make the decision by herself.

"Okay, thank you." Nodding, Sara went straight to his office.

She didn't care about the eyes of the people around her at all. It has been a long time since the last time when Sara went to the company after she divorced Jacob. After all, they had divorced. What would the employees think of her?

But now, she couldn't care about that. Dignity was important, but not as important as the information she got for Jacob.

She calmly watched the elevator arrive at the top floor. Someone had opened the elevator halfway, but found that it was Sara who was inside, so they didn't enter the elevator. They all knew the identity of the beauty in front of them.

Wearing his boots, Sara stepped out of the elevator. She was familiar with the sound of her boots hitting the floor tile here, and so was Jacob. But Jacob didn't say anything about that.

There was no point to mention that.

in a hurry all the way, but she had no time to

"Knock, knock, knock."

"Come in."

happened to meet Jacob's. A hint of joy flashed through Jacob's eyes, and Sara's heat beat vigorously. She came to the company

him over. I have

Sara found that she and Jacob were sharing the

face, Sara sat on the sofa naturally. "I went

"Is there anything new?"

didn't know since when he looked at Sara so affectionately. As if

a good relationship with her husband,

at Sara in a daze.

say?" James looked up, he found that Jacob was

Sara repeated as James

I see. No wonder the woman asked me to buy two graveyards for

" To avoid embarrassment, Sara had

potato and a heater on the scene. The police preliminarily concluded

didn't know that the heater would explode. Besides, how could it explode if there was no fire at all?

the operating room? " With her eyes wide open,

newly developed, so we don't have any experience. Besides, the heater won't cause any open fire, so we relaxed our vigilance. Workers are not allowed to make open fire, but someone roasted potatoes on the heater that

didn't believe that someone would waste his life so easily.

Sara seemed to have guessed something. But the truth was too cruel that she didn't want to tell it. She didn't want to hurt a woman who

kept staring at her. Ever since she divorced me, she had changed a lot.

gained little experience, he was surprised that Sara could grow up

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