Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 208 Overreach Oneself

When Alice studied abroad, she should have thought about the possibility that love would change. Everything changes. Things that had never happened before were happening every day. The only thing that kept unchanged in the world is change itself.

Accidents may happen in each second. As the gear wheel of fate slides open, stories would definitely happen in the past four years.

Time waits for no one. Only people would wait for the others. However, they should not be blamed even if they were unwilling to wait for longer.

Jacob took a sip of red wine. It should be sweet, but he felt a little bitter.

On the one hand, the problems he had encountered hadn't been solved properly yet, and on the other hand, Sara had never accepted him till now. Both problems made him feel bitter. Jacob was constantly feeling a lack of sense of control.

Yes, he didn't know since when he felt that fate was unpredictable. In the past, he was always full of passion and didn't really have any self-knowledge.

Now he knew that he was just an ordinary man. No matter how much wealth he had, he would never control anything around him. For example, Sara, who was just beside him, was not in his control.

Even though he was extremely rich, he still felt lonely. Even if the one he loved was right in front of him, he still felt that they were so far away from each other.

It was him who changed everything, planned his own life, and chose to live in sadness.

On the other hand, Sara was just a victim, who had never been entitled with the right to change her fate.

She proposed a toast, tears streaming down her face.

Jacob looked sad, but he didn't have the heart to look at Sara. He was afraid that his fragility would be discovered. He didn't want to let the woman see his sadness.

"After the meal, you just go back to the company. Thank you so much today, Sara." He tried to accost her, but wend up saying something irrelevant

If the word "Love" was abused, it would be devalued.

never said that. He just wanted to show

a tissue and wiped her mouth, feeling reluctant

been solved yet. She didn't want to leave, but she had to. She had no reason or excuse to

lack friends.' Thinking of this, Sara stood up and said goodbye

they have nothing in their lives. The truth was that they were unaware of their belongings until they have lost them. As a result,

to the door. Sara turned around and left decisively. Maybe she

of the name of Alice again. She'd better stay abroad and never come

He couldn't believe that Alice, whom

in his imagination, so sometimes he couldn't accept the fact that the

had married a beautiful woman, but in the end, after getting married, the

Alice. Even if he sent her abroad, he would treat her

it was Jacob's bottom line to keep

Alice, Jacob seemed to have forgotten everything about her. He had forgotten the existence of such a person and what had happened between them. But what Sara

was empty. Just now, he had such a good opportunity to explain to her, but

make up with her, the farther the distance

what happened, life would still go on. Now he was not even qualified to be

Jacob left the restaurant quickly and went back to the

office, assistant Cindy was reporting the recent situation of the company and

the thing I told you to do?" Jacob raised his head and interrupted

but as she had dealt with many issues,

seems to be unhappy to mention this name.

assured." Assistant Cindy smiled. She had dealt

her reaction?" Jacob asked expressionlessly. Now he had

thing? She couldn't keep his

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