Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 209 Hens Laying Eggs

Glancing at the policemen standing at the door, Sara nodded and went in.

Chole seemed to know that she would come. She nodded at Sara, which made her scared.

"How are you feeling these days?" Sara put the fruits and flowers she bought on the nearby cabinet and greeted with soft voice.

"Thank you." Chole smiled, pretending to be relaxed.

"Why are you here so soon? What happened?" It seemed that Chole was aware of something.

"Something did happened, so I want to have a talk with you." Sara was a little nervous. After all, this time was different from the last time. She came with a purpose. Although she had a purpose last time, it was not as clear as this time.

Therefore, Sara was very nervous. She was afraid that the conversation would end up in an unexpected way. .

"Do you know the reason of the explosion?" Panic flashed through Chole's eyes. No, the truth wouldn't be like that.

"Yes, I know. Anyway, it's not something supernatural. So it's normal for the police to find out the truth. " Sara said tentatively, trying to see if Chole's emotion was effected by her words.

Chole just looked at her indifferently without any abnormality.

"You are right. The police are good at detecting. So what is the result? " Chole looked up at her. There was no emotion in her eyes.

"The result shows that Jim roasted potatoes in the factory, which led to the explosion in the end." Looking at the expression on Chole's face, a hint of surprise flashed through Sara's mind.

"No way." Chole screamed loudly, "He promised me. It's impossible. It can't be like this."

absolutely impossible. It couldn't

that, Sara frowned slightly. It seemed that the whole thing

feeling that she had never been so painful since she knew that she had lung cancer.

" Suppressing

what you think. You don't understand at all. " Despair flashed through Chole's eyes.

can tell us." With a gleam shining in her eyes, Sara felt an unbearable sense of oppression.

today? Why do I feel that I am torturing Chole? '.

you will never know the truth." Chole suddenly burst into laughter and tears. She choked with sobs and couldn't say

issue would cause immeasurable damage to the heart of Chole, but

behave like this? Could she really do this to the woman before

secretly after knowing her illness, or maybe she had cried secretly after knowing about the explosion. But it was the first time for her to cry in

But maybe what Sara said touched her nerves, or maybe it was the misunderstanding of others

winter now, and even her tears were steaming with heat. It made people wonder if she had been fighting against the cold world

in the North was long, just like the summer in

who vainly attempt to pursue fairness and justice. Perhaps they could only gain a moment of inner peace under the

these people would never understand her and her husband in their whole lives. She didn't hate the rich at all. She just felt unfair. But the unfairness was not about anyone else.

to Jacob, she was so pessimistic. She couldn't understand why were so many tragedies

to end her life at the beginning, but after her husband Jim passed away, she hoped to inherit her husband's will to live. That was why Chole chose to come to the hospital and continue to live, regardless of whether she

only knew what they really needed when they had nothing. Chole was such a person. Because she had lost all what she had,

Chole seemed to think of something all of a sudden.

think he deliberately ignited the fire to blow up the whole factory?" Chole's eyes were full of

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