Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 215 Bad Temper

"In fact, I always feel that I'm not a good person. I have a bad temper and a cold personality. Hardly any people would like to make friends with me. " Jacob began to complain about himself. He was the God's favored one in others' eyes, but only he knew his own condition.

"No, you need to find your place." Omnipotent frowned. It was good to be modest, but Jacob was too modest.

"Do you think I have underestimated myself?" Jacob smiled. How could he lower himself? His was always lofty in his life, so he lost everything around him.

"As a human being, the most important thing is enjoying your life." Omnipotent gave his advice. After all, he couldn't live Jacob's life.

The sentence actually drew a perfect end for their talk. If the previous conversation was a mess, then now it was a good story.

It was rare for Jacob to meet such an interesting person. He had planned to go back earlier, but their conversation lasted until the afternoon.

Jacob was not as affectation as the other "successful people", which made him look like a serious person who could make friends with. Omnipotent had seen many wiseacres pretending to be sincere, but it was obvious that Jacob was not one of them.

No wonder James always praised him. Omnipotent's eyes were full of smile. If he was 10 years younger, maybe they could be sworn brothers with Jacob. Now they could only be friends.

After dinner, Jacob sighed, "I really didn't want to leave."

Omnipotent laughed, "Me too. You can come to drink with me when you free. "

"That's great. I'm in lack of a drinking buddy, it's good to have you drink with me. " Jacob smiled. It was really lucky for him to find a person with the same interest.

People always thought their life was unsmooth and others' life were bright and wonderful. So they tend to envy others. In fact, it was unnecessary to do that. After all, everyone had his or her own advantages and disadvantages.

many people just couldn't realize that. They just lost themselves on the way pursuing the life of others. How could they live the lives

looked down at the Rolex watch on his wrist. It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and he

didn't matter. It had been a long time since he enjoyed such a period of free time last time. If only he could have more leisure time like this. But Jacob knew it was just

chatted for a long time. Their conversation had little to do with life, but in a sense, it was related to life in each

had never thought that he would talk so much with a stranger and reveal so

great sorrow in her heart should still had the mood to chat with him that day. How lucky

Jacob didn't care about that. He only cared about the company's development, the stock price of the company and whether his life had

those things were all cold, thoughtless and apathetic. He never tried to contact and understand an ordinary person and listen to their stories. He

and think about what he needed to do and what

to be thoughtful, but now he had to reflect on himself. It seemed that he was no

Omnipotent. Waving his hand, Omnipotent said, "Goodbye. We will

body, or maybe it was because of the words said by Omnipotent, Jacob felt his body warm. He didn't even wrap his coat tightly

assistant during the meal to pick him up. He didn't like to have too many people around him, so he never hired

that proper to ask Cindy to be his private driver. After all, it was not that proper

of chatting with others. He had few chances to reveal his

and saw the CEO waiting for her outside his car from a distance. She wondered why he wasn't waiting

now. Sorry for keeping

alcohol sent out from the

Qian frowned and asked, "Mr. Jacob, how much alcohol have

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