Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 216 Touched

Jacob paused and looked at the flashing lights in front of him. The faces of the journalists were hidden behind the lights. Everything was like a dream from Jacob's perspective.

"We have found out the cause of the accident that everyone is concerned about. Today, we will publish the news once and for all. In order to ensure the authenticity of our statement, we have invited the police. The police officer is just sitting between me. " Jacob pointed at the policeman beside him.

The latter nodded in agreement. Jacob paused for a second and continued.

"I'm sorry for what happened this time. After all, it happened in the factory of our company. We didn't expect the accident to happen, nor did we expect the cause of the accident. One of the employees' wife was seriously ill and needed a lot of medical fees. In order to save money, the employee roasted potatoes in the factory to feed himself, which finally caused an accident. "

Jacob looked serious. Thinking of Jim's name, his heart sank. Even though he didn't know this employee, he could still feel how great the man was.

"Someone may question why our factory allows employees to use a furnace. The winter in the North was very cold. The temperature in the factory was about the same as outside. The company wanted to take care of all the employees based on humanity. Besides, after the test, the furnace won't explode without open fire. "

Jacob looked at the camera with his bright eyes. If his eyes flickered because of uneasiness and uncertainty before, then now he won't do that again.

"I believe the company is responsible for this problem. We shouldn't have ignored the emotions and family life of our employees. It's our fault that we didn't know about the difficulties our employees were facing in time. On behalf of the whole company, I apologize to the victims in the explosion and their families. "

Jacob stood up and bowed deeply. Now that things had come to this extent, the company's responsibility could not be shirked. But as long as the accident was not caused by the loopholes on management and equipment of the company, the responsibilities on Jacob's part was limited.

"Mr. Jacob, will you really believe the reason given if you were us?" Colin asked in a sharp voice. He had been listening carefully to Jacob's words, hoping to find the loophole in it.

"Why would I not believe that? Isn't life full of ridiculous yet real accidents? If you don't believe me, you can find other evidence or go through the court process. "

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will discuss this with the family. The preliminary decision of the company was to make some financial compensation. Besides that, we would visit the parents of the victims on a regular basis. In addition, I'm going to set up a foundation after the accident.

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