Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 217 Numbness

All the people present turned to look at Chole, who was once again became the focus of attention. But she didn't want to be the focus. When Jim was gone, she decided to be invisible for the public.

Jacob frowned and looked at the scene in front of him. Chole came here just to put an end to the whole event. But unexpectedly, Colin directed the focus of the conflict to Chole.

Bearing the urge to beat Colin, Jacob observed the audience coldly.

What was supposed to come would come sooner or later. Jacob calmly looked at all this, hoping that Colin's sharp words would not cause more harms to Chole.

"Miss Chole, may I ask why did you want to jump off the building? Is there any unspoken secret?" There were always people who gains pleasure by exposing others' misery to the public. Colin was such a person. He didn't really care about Chole feelings at all.

Colin just hoped to dig out the hot point news, so that he could hold his position as a paparazzi.

"I was in a bad mood then. It was an impulsive behavior." Chole's calmness stunned people around.

Jacob looked at Chole with a complicated expression. Bearing such a great pain, how much courage was needed for her to speak out the sentence so calmly? Maybe she shouldn't have come here today.

"Do you really believe the truth announced today? Don't you think it's unbelievable? " Colin asked aggressively regardless of Chole's feelings at all.

Or it's better to say that he was trying to stir up the negative emotions of her and the other families of the victims. He just couldn't believe that what Chole told him was the truth.

"It's only you who think it's unbelievable." Colin's attitude made Chole felt angry, but she restrained herself well. Today, she couldn't make trouble for Jacob.

Chole could feel her value by not making trouble for others.

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