Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 218 Tease

Some people may feel desperate because of all kinds of problems they met, while some would become more mature after solving them.

Of course, Jacob was not the kind of person who would be desperate. He always knew what he should do.

Driving at the full speed on the broad road, Jacob had never felt so happy. Perhaps it was a pleasure after getting rid of the trouble, or perhaps it was the hope in his heart made him happy.

Dark clouds couldn't cover the sun. Yes, the sun wouldn't be covered forever.

Jacob turned on the music, and the soothing light music wandered in the car. He finally had time to visit her father and do things he liked.

Freedom was so sweet, but he didn't really cherish it before.

People always cherish what they had lost. Jacob had a deep feeling about it.

Hearing the ringtone, Jacob connected the Bluetooth headset.

"Hello, Sara." Jacob said in a nervous voice. The most important people now for him were his father and Sara.

"We've watched the live of the press conference. Are you going back to the company to deal with the rest of the issue?" Sara took a look at Bess, who was next to her. They could finally gather together with ease.

"No, I'm going to find Noah. I've been so busy with the company business recently. I should get him out to have a get-together." Jacob looked straight ahead. His hand holding the steering wheel was soft and defenseless.

"Well, I'm with Bess and Noah now. Would you like to come? We are at a KTV." Sara was a bit hesitated. She had never been to such places of entertainment since graduated from university.

Of course, she had never been there with Jacob, and she didn't know whether Jacob would like to go or not.

Jacob looked at his watch. He suddenly felt as if he

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different if he met Sara earlier. After all, the sequence of people's appearance in one's life could partly determine

before she stepped into his life. In that case, he might be more mature and knew

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beside them as they might not meet each other in the next life. While others said that they should cherish everyone in the world, because we might not have the

could be so short that many people felt they didn't had time to accomplish anything in their youth age. It could be so short that many people

love more fiercely

always be exceptions. Some people's love was like wine. The longer it lasted, the more

different people. That

world deeply. Jacob

never let Sara leave him, no

door of KTV. The black Bentley was parked in front of the Fairy Tale KTV. He went directly to the room where they were.

the door. She was wearing a beige down jacket and a

if he had really returned to his school days. In that time, he

like this. Life was not like

understood what they had been puzzled about at that time. After all, Noah finally found his true

stunning still, Sara reminded in a relaxed tone. Perhaps in their current situation, it was more appropriate to say

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to Sara this time, or it wouldn't be solved so easily." Jacob looked at her with his

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