Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 219 Enviable

Noah raised his voice and teased. The two girls were singing to the music in a low voice. They probably couldn't hear the conversation between Jacob and him a few meters away.

Jacob didn't deny it. Most of the tempers of Jacob had been erased by life. There was no one who could not be controlled, but the fate. In fact, fate and people were closely connected.

In the past, Jacob didn't believe in fate, and even now he didn't fully believe it. However, he had understood that something was not destined to happen, but a survivor of a disaster.

"Why don't you answer me?" Noah looked at Jacob in surprise. He didn't expect that Jacob was like this now. He used to be so high spirited and vigorous in the past. But now, life finally made him obedient, didn't it?

"You are right. I didn't expect that life would teach me so much." Jacob shook the wine glass in his hand gently. Maybe the wine was also very arrogant, but it didn't know that it would be drunk in the next second, would it?

"I finally know that I can't control everything. From the moment we graduated from college, many people thought their lives had just begun. But no one knew that it was the peak when they graduated from college, and then came the real downhill."

Jacob's eyebrows relaxed unconsciously. He finally found a good friend to talk to. Such a moment was really rare.

Maybe after graduation, it would be extravagant to chat with friends and family as a normal person. He was busy with his work every day, and it seemed that he would never be able to jump out of this barrier. They all thought that work was for a better life, but most people were busy with work and always ignored life.

Sometimes, work even ruined life. It was a feeling of putting the cart before the horse. Jacob finally knew the consequences.

"It turns out that we have the same feelings, so I don't regret what I did in college. Jacob, all these years, I have been thinking that there must be turning points in life, and there must be many, but we didn't recognize them at that time."

Noah stared at Bess in a daze. Bess was also a turning point in his life, wasn't she?

"But I think people should live in the moment and learn to cherish." Jacob frowned and loosened his good-looking eyebrows. He seemed to be very conflicted. He looked at Sara as if he was looking at something he loved but couldn't own.

feeling. Ha-ha-ha..." Noah burst into laughter. It might not be strange for

is up to me." But now, even if he didn't learn to lower his head, at least

to Noah that he hadn't contacted his former roommate since he went abroad. Perhaps Jacob was also busy with his career

people had disappeared in their lives because they didn't care about or know each other.

they are doing?" A strange light shone in Noah's eyes. Five years was enough to do a lot of things. A poor man could become a rich man, and a rich man could become a poor

In the past, Noah was a positive person in his class, and he organized all kinds of activities. It sounded that this class gathering was

to see everyone's change." Jacob was also concerned about relationships

life. So now, he looked so prosperous, but

life needed to change, and this change might start from

are coming. If there are more than twenty of us, we will hold a classmate reunion. If not, this party

He had done such things many times before. But this time, he felt a

button for several times before he found the group chat on his phone. Maybe it was because Jacob's gaze made him nervous, or maybe the air was still a little cold,

would be the same if he were him.

Jacob couldn't remember many people's names and faces, he felt warm when he thought of them.

had more information about him than others, but it didn't matter. At least, everyone

not many happy things happened in the past. Because all

had been quiet, began to respond to each other word by word

the past five years, everyone had been so busy with their lives and devote themselves to this world that they had forgotten that

his classmates didn't respond. Others said they

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