Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 220 Keep Silent

Jacob stared blankly at Sara next to him. Would he take her with him or not? Would she like to go with him? Anyway, it was a question. If he didn't take her, they would definitely ask. If he brought her with him, they would still ask.

After all, when they were in college, everyone knew the existence of Alice. Not only that, but also many people yearned for the love between the two.

Perhaps, Jacob and Alice were well recognized as a couple. At that time, Jacob also believed that they would come to the end.

But everything had changed when Alice went abroad. How many things could happen in four years and how many people's life trajectory could be changed.

Jacob lay back on the sofa. Even the sofa in the KTV made him feel like sitting in the boss's chair. Some people's temperament was exactly like that. It was obvious at a glance.

Picking up the phone, Jacob couldn't help but sigh when he saw his classmates chatting.

What did a group of people who used to be high spirited and vigorous look like now? Would they be speechless when they met or just have fun?

Jacob had never thought that he was such a nostalgic person. However, the people in those memories suddenly became vivid at this moment. It was as vivid as the past.

They had never changed. That was their common youth.

"Sara, are you coming with us or not?" Bess glanced at Sara. It would be interesting to go with her good friend. Otherwise, it would be awkward if Bess didn't know anyone except for Noah and Jacob.

"Others only bring their families. It's better for me not to go." Sara tried to explain, and glanced at Jacob at the same time. Jacob was expressionless. What else could he say in such a situation?

"You are also a family member. Sara. If you don't go, Jacob will be in a dilemma. He used to be a big shot in his class. Now he is single. It's awkward for him to go to the classmate reunion."

With his legs resting on the short table beside the sofa, Noah knew how softhearted Sara was. He also knew that the two of them just needed some external force.

"It's none of my business. I've been busy losing weight recently, so I don't have time to deal with his things." As Sara spoke, she looked at Jacob. But Jacob kept silent without saying anything.

want to go, then don't go. Anyway, I'm alone now. It's embarrassing for you to be asked by others about

at Jacob and asked, "What's wrong?

"Then, it's

of the embarrassment of Sara, but in his heart, he hoped that

was not good at expressing himself. You know that, Sara. What he means is that when others ask who you are and introduce you as his ex-wife, isn't it embarrassing?" Noah turned around and said to Sara with a



and Jacob were speechless. Wasn't it a fact that everyone knew? But why did it sound so strange when


delicate face, Sara thought, 'What's wrong with divorce? I can

made it clear, why did Sara still want to go? Wasn't she afraid of other people's

Jacob couldn't help laughing when he saw the cunning look on his

you laughing at?" Bess looked at Jacob in confusion. Why did he smile so happily? Was he so happy about

to Bess with a smile. Now he could

surprise. They couldn't understand why such a

Don't be narcissistic. It's for myself." Sara

from me?" Bess glanced at

In the past, they had no way to go, but now they were together again? Life was so wonderful. No wonder people said that enemies were bound to meet in a narrow

narrow. They met again so soon. But Bess was happy for

out of the sadness. Now,

this to Jacob. She just wanted to piss Jacob off on purpose to

couldn't be seen clearly in the dim room. Therefore, Sara didn't know the expression on Jacob's face, but she could imagine how Jacob would

at Jacob jokingly. He felt that Jacob was different now. He was more lively,

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