Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 221 Why Are You So Shy

"Didn't you lose your temper just now?" Jacob stood in front of Sara with a smile. Sara was nervous. She had a feeling that Jacob came here with a purpose.

But she was also looking forward to him. Damn it! She was looking forward to him at this time!

"I always have a bad temper. You didn't know it until today, did you?" Looking at Jacob carefully, Sara was afraid that he would do something unexpected.

Jacob bent over, while Sara leaned against the wall.

Jacob's face also stopped a few centimeters away from Sara's. From a distance, it could be seen that the two of them maintained a difficult posture.

Bess couldn't help holding Noah's hand, leaning on his shoulder and looking at her good friend with a smile.

She knew how nervous Sara was now, and she couldn't help but sigh. At this time, Jacob's EQ had finally improved a little. Fortunately, Jacob didn't affect Noah's EQ. Otherwise, who else could she complain to?

"Really?" Jacob asked with an evil smile. His breath fell on Sara's face, and the posture was so sexual that it was hard to describe.

And now, it was even more difficult to describe what was in Sara's mind. Like a rabbit was in her heart, her heart kept beating fast.

This face, the face that she had missed day and night, was clearly presented in front of her now. However, Sara was stunned. She had thought that as long as Jacob were deeply buried in her heart, something would not be remembered.

But now, she realized that she was too naive. Jacob was also so clear in front of her. Those memories rushed out like a flood, and her mind was in a mess.

It turned out that she just didn't dare to remember him. He had never been forgotten or mentioned.

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Sara had to remind herself. She would be doomed once she fell in love with him. But she was

do they both go out?" With a foxy smile, Sara

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what kind of life I'm living now?" Jacob looked at Sara with bright eyes. Those were the darkest days in his life. Without her,

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