Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 222 Resolve The Embarrassment

"I... I'm a shameless man?" Jacob teased with a smile. He didn't expect that Sara would have such a girlish side.

"Yes, you Lothario!" With dissatisfaction, Sara held her arms, fearing that Jacob would do something excessive to defend her dignity.

"Now that you've called me Lothario, I have to do something to you to fit this name." With a snicker, Jacob reached out his hand.

'Is this really the Jacob I know? No, no, not at all!' Such a shameless side of Jacob surprised Sara.

Jacob stretched out his hand and gently put it around Sara's shoulder. He was very gentle, as if he was afraid of hurting her.

With her heart pounding, Sara didn't know how to or didn't want to stop Jacob.

Jacob gently kissed her. This time, it was no longer a violent injury, but sweet tenderness.

Sara felt that her heartbeat had formed a strong sense of rhythm in her mind, and her brain was blank for a moment.

Jacob kissed her gently and carefully. As if he was afraid of hurting her.

What Sara felt was not only a kiss, but also a feeling of affection that she had never felt for so many years. At this moment, Sara knew that Jacob's feeling was the same as hers.

Both hearts were beating so fast and anxiously. Almost at the same rhythm. Sara's hand touched Jacob's chest.

Perhaps, they had been waiting for this day for too long. However, Sara still felt that everything was like a dream, not real at all.

Not only was it unreal, everything was like what she had imagined.

it really the right time now? Sara shook her head to get rid of this question. Every time, she forced

in the plan, but she didn't expect that she would divorce and so many unforgettable stories would

necessary to make a plan now? At this moment, she was in a good mood. It was rare to feel such a strong feeling, so she

go of Sara with reluctance. It was not a good place to have sex. But her

it. Because he thought the fatal attraction of a woman would often destroy a man. But now, he knew that if

what else could be more unbearable than

man?" Jacob asked. It turned out that it was such a happy thing to make fun of Sara. He didn't find it before, but

If he was a shameless man, shouldn't she have pushed him away just now? But didn't acquiesce mean that she was willing to

the embarrassed look on Sara's face, the smile at the corners of

been forcing her to answer, Sara blurted out the word in a hurry. Was there such a shameless person who kept asking her if he was


Jacob touched his nose. After all, he was really

his burning eyes on Sara. He didn't want to leave her sight. He

eyes on him. He couldn't let her see another man. He was such a domineering man that he couldn't let others appreciate the beauty of

way, even Bess and Noah won't dare to come in..." Sara felt her face burning. If she had seen it in the

about them. Noah will take good care of Bess." Jacob wanted to laugh when

mood to continue. The shy look on Sara's face was so cute. 'Did she force herself to be so fearless before under my

mentality. If it was before,

contradiction was out of misunderstanding, and


of the door being pushed open, both Sara and Jacob turned around. With a big bag of food in his hand, Noah finally

outside, they could have waited

eat something." With a smile, Noah successfully resolved the embarrassment. That was how a good friend was like. At the critical moment, it was all up to him

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