Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 223 A Talented Man And A Beautiful Woman

After singing for so many years, finally there was someone for whom Jacob wanted to sing it in person.

At the same time, sitting on the sofa not far away and looking at Jacob, Sara thought maybe they knew each other too little. So every day was fresh to her.

Not only was it fresh, but also sometimes Sara felt surprised. She always thought that Jacob was an excellent man. It was undeniable that he was good except for his low EQ.

As soon as Jacob opened his mouth, Sara covered her mouth in surprise. It turned out that Jacob was a good singer. She had never heard of him singing before. So today, of course, she was very surprised. Sara was not only surprised, but also felt regretful.

In the past four years, she had never seen such side of Jacob. Wasn't it a regret?

Jacob sang in a low voice, looking at Sara. "This is a simple love song, singing the twists and turns of people's hearts. I think I'm very happy. When I feel your warmth, the air around my feet dances."

Noah cheered beside him. Bess was also surprised to hear it. Jacob's voice was so pleasant to hear. His voice was gentle and magnetic, completely different from his usual cold style.

It was as if the new continent had been discovered. Sara had always thought that she was a good singer. To her surprise, in front of Jacob, she would feel dejected.

Jacob continued to sing while tapped his feet to the song. Perhaps he would have chosen another life if he hadn't shouldered too many responsibilities of his family. But he was satisfied with his current life.

"This is a simple love song, singing the white dove in our hearts. I think I'm very suitable to be a singer. The youth is floating in the wind. You know, even if the heavy rain turns the whole city upside down, I will hug you in my arms. I can't stand it anymore. When I see your back, I want to write down my name on it. Every second is like a year's hard to bear."

Jacob's song was warm, even in the cold air. Yes, he was sure that he had come back to life.

Even though Sara still didn't want to accept him, Jacob knew that he sang this song for her. After so many years, he finally understood the meaning of this song.

"Even if the whole world is kidnapped by loneliness, I won't run away. No one can escape. In the end, everyone will be old. Write down my name, in the castle where time and music intersect."

gazed in love at Sara. He had never felt that he really existed like this. It turned out that love was

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the whole city upside down, I will hug you in my arms. I can't stand it anymore. When I see your back, I want to

Jacob wanted to say to Sara. Although he had never said these to her for so

he finally understood that he had to take this opportunity to express his true feelings and thoughts. Perhaps there were some things in life that needed

she was dancing for his song.

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Sara didn't accept the microphone, Bess was so anxious for her that the song was about to start. She

red face, Sara took the microphone over. It was

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