Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 224 No Matter What The Result Will Be

"Leave a song in my life, no matter what the ending will be. You are a song in my heart. You are blooming in my heart. You are a song of my life." Jacob stood forward and put his arm around Sara's shoulder while singing.

Bess cheered aside, even more excited than the two.

Finally she could see her good friend happy.

"Sing with me." Jacob lowered his head and looked at the face of Sara. He felt at ease. At this moment, Sara was really by his side.

"I miss you so much. I want to ask you. I want to ask you whether you really have a crush on me or not? Whether you really love me or not? If I keep silent for too long, I will make mistakes by accident. You are a song in my heart. Don't just be a passer-by. Leave a song in my life, no matter what the ending will be."

The two of them were singing one by one. The voice of Sara and Jacob was perfectly mixed. Looking at the screen in disbelief, Sara couldn't believe that the two of them just finished one song together.

She felt that she hadn't sung yet. It turned out that it was such a wonderful thing to sing with Jacob.

It reflected the saying, "Nothing is better than being with the one you love."

Satisfied, Sara put down the microphone.

"Have a rest?" Jacob lowered his head, as gentle as a prince, and asked his princess, "Are you tired?"

"Yes." Sara nodded and handed the microphone to Bess. She had planned to come here today just to be an audience, but she didn't expect that Jacob would take her to sing first.

But why was this feeling so wonderful that she couldn't bear to stop. However, the song had ended so she had to stop. Sara was surprised by her reluctant feelings.

It turned out that loving someone was addictive. She was addicted to being with him. She felt that everything was not enough.

Just like when she was with Jacob, she had never thought that she would be safe and sound to leave him. Now that she couldn't get away of him, she decided to enjoy it.

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