Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 227 Light

"That's it?" Hearing that, Sara frowned slightly. It sounded so familiar to her.

"Yes, that's it. So I sent her abroad. I think there might be some misunderstandings in the past. Can you tell me, Sara?" Jacob looked at Sara sincerely. Since that incident, he had been suspecting the truth of what had happened between Sara and Alice.

"She splashed the coffee on her own. The glass was thrown on her own. She put the top treasure in my pocket and was about to frame me. But Bess saw it and put it back to her."

Sara frowned. She didn't know whether she was right or wrong to say that. Perhaps, there was no right or wrong in the first place, only love and not love.

"Oh, I see. Sara, I'm sorry. I made you suffer so much. I'm sorry." Jacob raised his hand and stroked Sara head. Perhaps it was just because of the endless turns that this relationship looked so precious.

"Well. I thought there was no need for me to explain. I thought you didn't care." With a sad look on her face, for the first time, Sara felt that her grievance could be cared by Jacob.

"I'm sorry, Sara. It won't happen again. I won't let anyone else, including myself, hurt you." Jacob held Sara in his arms, feeling a sense of guilt that had never appeared before.

"Okay." Sara nodded vigorously. She had forgiven and expected for so many times. Why couldn't she give him another chance?

"Then that day, what..." Still, Sara couldn't help but think about it. She couldn't bear the connection between Jacob and Alice. If that was the case, she would feel very painful.

"I don't know. I know nothing. Let's forget it, okay?" Jacob whispered in Sara's ear, holding her in his arms.

Perhaps, both of them had a strong obsession with the past, but the depth of the obsession was different.

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