Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 228 Tit For Tat

"Okay. I can have a try." Looking at the crowded restaurant in front of her, Sara's memory flooded. At that time, when she was in college, she would occasionally go to a roadside restaurant with her roommates.

At that time, there was no health care, no resentment, only pure friendship and the desire to go out to get together. At that time, she wouldn't think it would be harmful to her health to eat this.

But she didn't know since when, she began to be timid. She didn't eat or touch anything "unhealthy". Perhaps, it was not because time had changed people, but because people had forgotten their memories.

People are forgetful. If they forget a lot of things, they probably can't remember them anymore. She couldn't remember things or habits, so she had to definitely forget them.

To her surprise, Jacob didn't mind eating at the roadside food stands.

"Sara, there are seats inside. Let's sit inside. It's warmer inside." Jacob came out, regaining his usual expression, but there was an indescribable tenderness in his eyes.

Perhaps, this touch of tenderness was like a seed. Since it had taken root and sprouted, Jacob had to take care of it carefully.

"Okay." Nodding her head, Sara looked at the people beside her eating happily.

Some of them were friends, some were couples who came out for dinner, and some were children. After all, in this winter season, it was not a bad idea to eat something hot.

"Would you mind having dinner here?" Jacob asked in a low voice. He knew well about the habits of Sara. But today, he just wanted to take her to feel the enthusiasm of ordinary people.

"No, don't worry." Sara naturally held Jacob's arm. They walked into the restaurant hand in hand. Looking around, Sara was surprised to see so many people inside.

The dozens of square meters restaurant was almost full. The seats were full of guests. She had never thought that it would be like this, as if she had returned to the canteen of the university.

"What's wrong?" Jacob was confused when he saw that Sara was standing there in a daze. He didn't know if she minded it or not.

please. That table is empty now. I've cleaned it for you. Come and sit here." The bald restaurateur with Sichuan accent greeted Jacob and Sara

smiled. "Okay, okay.

two looked very young, the restaurateur thought

easy for you to be students." The restaurateur brought the pot with

"I didn't expect

can't you let me be a student again? After all, those days were very memorable." Jacob felt a little depressed.

begun, and it's not over." Resting her elbows on her crossed legs, Sara looked like a young

like to eat? Order more lettuce?" Thinking that Sara

light dishes. I don't want you to say that I have gained weight because of eating too much at night." Looking at the door absentmindedly, Sara found it was getting dark and

was sure that it was none other than Sara. He

believe what Jacob said. Although it sounded good, she

to visit some place, please be happy after he books the ticket; if he says he wants to marry you, please be moved when

enough to listen to the promises. But now, Jacob seemed to have

and his strong aura almost burst out a sense of oppression. Maybe only in this way could he tell Sara

Sara's eyes didn't leave


in front of Sara and said, "What's wrong? Are you in a daze? Do you think

as if he

that, Sara frowned.

to make you feel fresh every day?" With a serious look on his face, Jacob seemed to be

want anything new. Just don't scare me." In horror, Sara stretched out her hand in the air

restaurateur had already brought the

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