Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 229 Strangers

They were like strangers at that time, but now, with a happy face, Sara lowered her head and ate a lot.

If only such a life could last longer.

Sara was surprised at the idea that came to her mind unconsciously. Looking at Jacob, who was burnt by the hot sticks of meat because of eating too fast, the future seemed to be clearer.

After eating, Jacob stood up to pay the bill. Since he didn't bring any changes with him, and he couldn't use his card here, he had to watch Sara go to pay the bill.

"What's wrong? Are you so dissatisfied with my treat?" Sara stood at the door and looked at Jacob's awkward face.

"How could it be? I just feel that cash is too far away from my life." Jacob slightly narrowed his eyes. He felt as if everything had returned to the past.

"Ha-ha, I think you have been lofty for too long. You are no longer otherworldly now." Leaning on Jacob's shoulder, Sara whispered in his ear.

Jacob stretched out his arms to hug Sara and kissed her directly. The passers-by all looked at them. The combination of handsome man and beautiful woman was a great eye catcher.

But there were also some people sighing, 'there's a sea of people surging, can we still hug each other?'

The wind was not strong, and no one spoke.

Jacob looked at Sara with her eyes slightly closed in front of him and felt her rapid breath. Everything was so good as if nothing bad had happened before.

After a long time, Jacob finally let go of Sara. After all, it was not good to do so in public.

"I..." With a red face, Sara wanted to say that she was going back.

The bright light just fell on her face. Everything looked so beautiful, quiet and natural.

you home." Jacob held Sara tightly, but didn't do anything else. After all, he knew what he should and shouldn't


the car was weird. No one

why I brought you here today?" Jacob looked straight ahead. He had thought about it before he talked

there was no need to guess, it was better to wait for Jacob to tell

Well, to be honest, I always feel that we share too little trouble." Jacob

burst into laughter. She didn't expect that Jacob would

you to experience life with me. But I won't take you to do such a thing again. I will let you

without thinking. Actually, these words had been

had heard a lot of touching words in her life, but

strange that she couldn't say anything to refute this time. If this was only a promised future given by Jacob, then she was willing

me?" Jacob had already forgotten the pain of being beaten a

Leaning back in the seat, Sara knew that her father must have a grudge against Jacob, but if she

what should I do?" Jacob felt a headache. If he couldn't get forgiven because of Sara's father, he would be

think it takes some time. Besides, my father is not a stubborn man. He would understand." With a confident look, Sara stuck out her tongue. Father must want her to be happy,

another day and apologize to him." Jacob's voice was full of guilt and

off him. The man in front of her had really

car sped along the road,

the window. Everything wrapped in the night gradually lost its original appearance and became

it settled?" Jacob was too busy to care about his good friend recently, so he could only ask about the news

all, they were

They two still want to enjoy being single." When Sara thought of

yearned for such a life state, full of confidence and control of everything. They believed that they were

also want to enjoy being single?" Jacob looked expectant. Even if he couldn't wait to

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