Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 231 You Are Thinner

"I almost forget. This is my wife, Sara Huo. This is Bodie..." Jacob introduced them to Sara one by one. Even if she couldn't remember all of them, he could still introduce them to her.

"Nice to meet you." Sara reached out her hand to shake hands with Jacob's old classmate. The atmosphere was so subtle that Sara thought it was a reunion of her own classmates.

"Okay, let's go inside. It's cold outside. We are almost here." Noah glanced at everyone present and said. After confirming that almost everyone was here, he was ready to go in.

They entered the hotel, talking and laughing, feeling that they had returned to the past in an instant. Although those carefree days had passed, these lovely people came together again.

Maybe the reunion didn't care about form or time, but the feeling of nostalgia. No matter how far away they were, everyone came back with a common goal. This was the meaning of the gathering.

Everyone seemed to have a tacit understanding and didn't ask about Alice. It seemed that after entering the society, people would think more thoroughly. They would no longer say whatever they wanted to say, but would think about what to say before saying that.

Everyone knew that Alice didn't come today. But no one asked about the reason. Coincidentally, everyone would think of the presence of Sara. Perhaps it would be awkward for Alice to come.

Everyone had their own stories. If someone didn't come, they must have their own stories. But now, it was obvious, so everyone kept silent and avoided talking about it.

The female monitor clapped her hands, indicating everyone to be quiet. Perhaps it was not appropriate to talk about those sad things today.

"Well, almost everyone is here. Now I have something to say." The female monitor stood up, looking like a teacher.

"Today, I'm so happy that we can come back from everywhere and meet again. At the same time, I want to thank the planner of this reunion, Noah Mu." After saying that, the female monitor took a look at Noah. It was him who realized the dream of the classmates to meet with each other again.

"It's fate for us to be here today. Let's talk freely now." The female monitor sat down and took a sip of water.

Unexpectedly, she was still a little nervous in such a situation. She pulled her clothes slightly and sat upright.

it. After all, he was always known for being lively and active. Naturally, he was

here." Noah frowned. How could he remember the

with pocks, so everyone called her "Pock".

were very happy. Others said that college was like a strange society. Except for the

in Noah's class. They were from all over the country. Some wanted to realize their dreams, some wanted to

class was almost the most

together they had cried and laughed, lost and gained, succeeded and failed. But everyone cherished this class. Maybe it was why they could get

happy, no one. After graduation, most people missed their old university life. This kind of nostalgia


Sean talk much?" Bodie took a look at Sean. When they were in college, Sean was so

sign of anger. Bodie was stunned for two seconds and

life was like. Someone would come back after he or she left. However, someone would

recent situation, and someone suddenly

did you fall in love?" A man asked with a snicker and looked at Bess. As expected, only waiting could get the best. Everyone sighed with emotion that Noah had

in a relationship? Besides, I can't stop love when it comes." Noah raised his eyebrow

next to him burst into laughter. "Don't make fun

and she almost forgot what happened in the past. She finally understood why she couldn't be with Noah at that time. She felt so dejected in front

I'll go out to pick her up. Is there anyone who wants to go with me?" Noah stood up and glanced

"I want to go."

"Me too."

"And I."

everyone, this was an unusual day. It seemed that everyone suddenly had a tacit understanding and could do a lot of things at the

amazing." Seeing that everyone stood up at the same

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