Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 232 I'm Lucky To Get It

"No, I feel that Pock has become more beautiful. It seems that there are fewer pocks on her face."

"Yes, yes, I have the same feeling."

"Really? I didn't find it myself."

"Yes! It's true."

Everyone talked to each other, as if they wanted to share the joy of meeting with everyone around. They could talk about whatever or whoever was taboo before.

Of course, it was out of kindness. No one would hurt others at such a moment.

Everyone walked in again. The waiter came forward and asked if the dishes needed to be served now. Noah nodded.

The dishes were served one after another, and everyone opened the red wine. It was time to share their own experiences and recent situations.

Someone suggested that they should start from Jacob. Although no one asked about Alice, everyone knew that what they wanted to know most was the news about Jacob and her.

After all, they were recognized as a couple in the college at that time. At that time, someone also said that if Alice and Jacob couldn't be together, they would never believe in love.

But now, Jacob took Sara to the classmate reunion. Ordinary people would certainly be embarrassed to do that, but Jacob didn't. It was enough to prove that Jacob really loved Sara.

Therefore, everyone wanted to know more about Jacob's experience and his journey of love.

"Let's start from Jacob, okay?" Bodie joked. Since Sara was so beautiful, it would be a reckless waste if they didn't start from the experience of Jacob.

have so many tricks." The female monitor teased Bodie, but she herself was also looking forward to

figures in the university. Now that they had their own home, they were naturally eager to know about

that I was full of passion and dream for this world. But the reality set me up. Of course, I'm satisfied with my current life, without any

his experience to the people around him. It was the first time that he had spoken about his life in front of

had been silent for a long time, you thought he would never speak, but he finally opened

blankly at Jacob who stood up. It was only a

happy to see Jacob like this. It was as if Jacob was telling a

would still choose to marry him. Even though she had experienced so many things, she

had no choice but to take over the family business. It's like taking over

everyone's life was like this. They lived not

you to cherish the person in front of you

saying that, Jacob sat down and took a big sip of water. He didn't really feel

all, Sara was here, so what happened in the

to talk about it, but today it finally came to a happy end to his

Jacob had said. Life was life. Once one joined the fantasy, it was out of reality. But no one saw it clearly, so many people lived

Noah's turn?" The female monitor asked tentatively. She knew that Jacob hadn't finished his brief

one would get to the bottom of it. After all, not everyone

man, it was enough for him to say a few words like

up naturally and held Bess's hand

graduation, I studied abroad for four years. My biggest feeling is that I will never go abroad again. The moon in foreign countries was not as beautiful as that in China. I prefer this kind of friendly and relaxed

when a person came into contact with the society, he would automatically weaken some things and no longer let others pay attention to his own feelings

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