Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 233 Loneliness

"No one cares about what you think. When everyone cares about whether you fly high or not, only a few people care about whether you are tired or not. So I have changed a lot of jobs and have a clear understanding of everything around me."

Bodie glanced at the classmates in front of him. Perhaps he didn't dare to think about such a confidant talk before. But now seeing everyone's sharp eyes, Bodie felt a little relieved.

"I thought I was good at talking, so I applied for a sales job after graduation. I had suffered a lot, but it was all over. It was not until I did this job that I realized that my eloquence was not as good as I thought. But I still got some practices."

Bodie smiled innocently. It was a sad story, but it turned into an inspiring story after he said it. No one liked pessimistic people, so Bodie had always been optimistic.

He would put himself in others' shoes and run for the customers' requests without any complaint. He realized that there was not so much logic in real life. Therefore, he thought that maybe this was the real life.

"I used to think that the salesman was just good at talking. But now I understand that speaking is also an art. The most brilliant salesman can communicate with whoever. Maybe others will think that I have a strong purpose, but I have no choice. This is life."

Bodie shrugged, which made people feel that he was sincere. Maybe he used to think that he couldn't do that, but when he finally became that kind of person, he knew that it was not the case.

"Maybe someone said that I destroyed my own dream, but in fact, I just changed a way to continue to hold on. When I meet a customer I like, I will say a few more words, almost from the other side's point of view, so many people like me very much. But when I meet someone who is unreasonable and scold me without listening, I will only reply three or two words."

A simple smile appeared on Bodie's face. It was hard to imagine that such a glib person would be unable to resist at some moments. In fact, Bodie was very handsome. He talked much when he was in college. He was almost a chatterbox in his dormitory.

But Bodie looked very cute and always smiled innocently. So people thought him was an honest person. But the way he spoke changed everyone's impression of him.

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