Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 234 The Horrible Incident

"Maybe it's because of my appearance, I don't have much confidence. After all, if a person was really big, the person who indicated that may mean no offense, but the person who heard it would keep it in mind. Of course my case was not that terrible, but I've been thinking for a long time that if I become more beautiful, there might be fewer troubles. "

Pock said with a smile, as if she was talking about someone else. It was beyond her own expectation that she would express herself in such a pure way. But she knew that if she didn't say it today, there would be no chance for her to reveal all these in the future.

"Then one of my colleagues broke up with her boyfriend one day. I was so surprised that I asked her what happened. Then she told me a lot about her. I always thought that her boyfriend must cherish her very much as she is so beautiful, but in fact, he did not. "

After saying that, Pock lowered her head. It would be great if all the problems could be solved just by pretty faces. If so, those who was not good-looking enough could solve problems with cosmetic surgeries.

"In fact, how one looks cannot decide everything in his or her life. But I didn't understand that before. I just thought that if I were beautiful, I wouldn't have lived like this. I didn't realize that there was something wrong with my mentality until that colleague lost her boyfriend. "

Pock smiled sincerely. Regardless of her pockmarks, she was in fact quite beautiful. She was well-featured and her skin was good. It's just the specks of pokes that made her look unpleasant.

"Later, I got my own boyfriend as well. Although change of mentality can't really solve problems, at least it's useful when someone lacks sense of security. " Pock smiled brightly.

"Then why don't you bring your boyfriend here today?" Someone suddenly asked.

"He was on a business trip. He was going to ask for a leave and came here with me. But I thought I could come here alone, so I let him do his work. " Her sweet words made everyone present speechless.

They felt like that they had missed many good girls in their lives. It was said that boys should find girlfriends in college, because once they enter the society, they were not likely to find such good girls in school. Meanwhile, girls should start dating after graduation, because there would be better boys outside of the campus.

This makes sense sometimes.

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opinion might not be accepted by all, but her sincere attitude was admirable. In the future, whenever Poke thought about this, she would

you meet. Many problems could be solved in a roundabout way. Don't dwell on unnecessary things. If you cannot figure out something, just leave it. Time will figure

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me together. We have chosen different ways of life. I chose to continue my study, and he entered the workplace. He went insane under too much pressure only two years

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to stay optimistic. He risked his life to work, for the house and the car. He wanted to realize his dream. Finally, he bought his own house, and became a mortgage slave. Before

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up a home and establish a career were two major tasks for all of us. And

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is that we will encounter a lot of difficulties and problems in our lives. I didn't mean that I won't buy a house or work hard from now on. I just want to tell everyone present that just try your best

She used to believe that speaking in front of a group of people

she could deal with it calmly. She didn't feel that everyone's eyes were unfriendly, nor

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