Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 235 For What

Andrew put his hands in his pockets. He had done too many things in accordance with the rules, and now he was unwilling to continue to follow the rules.

"So every time I can't hold on, I will remind myself. Since I can't realize my own dream, I should let others' dreams come true. The art class and tutor class will always be open. Until I can't do it anymore. "

Andrew smiled. Even if he was not understood, he should try his best to keep smiling. Life would not be unfair to anyone who worked hard. Pain was only temporary, and what they obtained across the past would be eternal.

"So I hope you can do what you like and stick to it. There is nothing that can't be overcome. When you feel that you can't bear it, think about why you insisted on staying here in the past. "

After saying that, Andrew also bowed. He heard thunderous applause from the people present.

"Thank you, everyone. I wish you a good job." After saying that, Andrew waved his hand and sat down, it took courage to give a speech. Maybe by now, many people had forgotten their original goal.

But Andrew didn't forget it. He always knew what he should do and what he was doing.

He looked around and found that no one stood up. A quiet-looking man stood up.

The man wore a pair of glasses and his voice was very clear and gentle. "Nice to meet you again."

Jacob frowned and wondered who the man was. After thinking for a long time, he remembered that this man was Brandon Hou, who lived in the dormitory next door when they were in the University. Brandon was not a talkative man.

He searched his memory carefully and didn't remember anything about Brandon. He only remembered that Brandon was a gentle and elegant person. Jacob also took a look at Sara. He had thought that Sara would feel bored, but now she was listening with interest.

Jacob was also stunned for a moment, and then he listened carefully. Maybe in the past, they were a group of people who only cared about what they thought, and everyone was self-centered.

to their peers' voices. Perhaps time had taught them to grow. It was true. Otherwise, how

classmate. But now it was different. Everyone knew that the opportunity was rare and once missed, there would be no chance

I especially liked computer when I was in college. I had learned a lot of courses about computer, passed the exams and learned how to write code. Compared with most of

him to talk in front of others now. Fortunately, everyone was looking at him with concentration, and no one did anything

walks of life. Perhaps few people's jobs will be related to their majors. I'm no exception. I

little relieved. After so many years of silence, today was

your career is very hard, and I feel the same after work. Because of the rapid evolution of the computer industry, the technology was updated quickly. I have to work and study every day. I get up at five every

see the optimistic side of others. If a person was too

as I can every day, and I like my job. You may think I'm bullied, but I think as long as I like it, I can overcome all the difficulties. In this world,

Brandon's eyes. This was not his life, but his dream. Being able to

this year. My mother is sick, so I have to go home and accompany her to see a doctor. My work had been delayed and the money

stared blankly at a corner of the room. He didn't know why he mentioned it, but he

like to express himself. Today, he was going to be

is sick and can't eat anything delicious every day. She was hesitant to enjoy it before, but now she couldn't. How painful it should

his own pocket, looking

much every day, which led to my mental weakness. I often caught a

him that sometimes he couldn't pay too big a price for mere trifles. But many people didn't know when they

so many people wasted their health in the

Brandon had been reflecting on himself. Maybe it was right to sacrifice for his ideal, but if he had to sacrifice his more important health, he had to consider it

back to my hometown and got a job as a civil servant, and the job is about computer. So I came here after a long journey. Many people said that I went back home because I couldn't live in a big city anymore, and

see it. Wasn't this the life he had chosen? How could it be bitter? Even if it was bitter, he would

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