Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 236 If You Don't Work Hard, You Will Definitely Fail

"In the end, I wish all of you can work hard for your dreams and lives. But don't forget your ultimate goal. Living, is about happiness. "

After saying that, Brandon picked up a glass of wine on the table and said, "I'd like to propose a toast to all of you. I wish you a bright future, health and long life. "

Jacob applauded. Everyone's life experience was different, and everyone had their own life experience.

But it was better to listen to their classmate's life experience directly than to get up from the pit.

"Hearing all of you have talked so much. I want to say something." The most beautiful girl in the class in college, Aurora Ning, had talked, she married her boyfriend as soon as she graduated. Her boyfriend was also coming from a rich family, but the two of them worked very hard.

At that time, except for Jacob and Alice, everyone envied them the most.

Different from other playboys, Aurora and her boyfriend were all hard-working people. Everyone would feel incredible especially those who were outstanding as well as hardworking.

There was a subconscious thought in many people's minds. If ordinary people worked very hard, then they deserved everything they gained. If he was not an ordinary person and still worked very hard, it would be unacceptable. What most people can't accept is that the one who is more successful than them is still working harder than themselves.

But in life, the more successful a person was, the harder he worked. It was undoubted. So it was reasonable for people to have their own lives.

"I got married after graduation. You must think that I will live a rich life as soon as I marry a rich man. In fact, I also hope so. Maybe it will be easier for me. But I am not. I will not only marry a rich man, but also become rich by myself. "

Aurora's eyes were determined, and her beautiful fingers waved in the air. Her momentum was almost the same as that of Sara and Bess. It was hard to tell that Aurora came from an ordinary worker family.

experience that hard work was also very important, so she never gave up, and almost

Many things can't be solved by good looking. You have to work hard to make your

feeling in life, so everyone pretended to be relaxed

forced her to do so. Therefore, she

the inside was life, and breaking it from the outside was pressure. Therefore, Aurora had never given up her dream. The first day she was with her boyfriend, she had

so Aurora always wanted to catch up with her

property fair before marriage. Although I used some of his money

out. But she was always like this. She had persisted

would forget their original intention after being tempted by many things or conditions. Aurora was afraid that she would forget it, so she didn't

clothing industry. I didn't rely on anyone else. I just found a job by myself. Now I opened many branches in this city, and my annual revenue was more than one million. Of course, this money is certainly insignificant compared to the two rich generations in

face, Aurora said proudly. Even if she could just earn even one hundred dollars, at least, she had been

the years is that I should work harder than now. People who are more outstanding and successful than me are

Jacob and Noah. Aurora had always been neither

she had a rich boyfriend, so she didn't need to worry about her future.

a rich man, but it was the ability to live a brilliant

flattered. I think I'm just sighing after listening to your story." Noah said in a playful tone. Aurora used to be one of the most controversial people in the

a person who worked hard. No one would remember what they had thought of

had the accident before, and as a result, all the clothes in the car

faces with a smile. Perhaps this was not a classmate

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