Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 237 To Teach Fish To Swim

"Although what I say might just teach fish to swim, I'm telling the truth. I think the greatest important thing I have learned in my life is that I must strive for what I like. Instead of relying on other people's charity. May everyone get what you want. "

Aurora's husband was supposed to come with her today, but he got some emergency to deal with, so Aurora didn't bring her family here.

As soon as Aurora finished her words, thunderous applause rang out. Perhaps a few years ago, everyone would have said, "What's wrong? You have too much chicken soup for the soul, do you?"

But today, everyone was really moved. Because they had been numb for too long, a bowl of chicken soup for the soul would suddenly wake up a lost person.

Although the chicken soup was good, it was not good to drink too much. Besides, Aurora's words was not chicken soup.

As a bystander, Sara sat aside and said nothing. Today's classmate gathering was not in vain. Perhaps in this era, there were too many entertainment, so everyone liked to have an entertainment life.

But today, such a serious atmosphere might not be expected by most people.

"I didn't expect that Aurora would have so many feelings."

"I just know that others work hard, but I don't know that they work so hard."

"I finally understand the difference between people."

"Oh, I see."

Everyone was talking about it, which was different from what they had said before, because it was beyond everyone's expectation. No one had thought that things would turn out like this.

show how successful they had been. Perhaps not many people

the same when they showed off. Only the comprehension was different all the time. Every stage of life was

variety of thoughts that everyone was

people with family members today. It's such a rare opportunity. Don't you want to applaud and welcome these

to invite them. It was a special day today. He didn't expect that he would say those words, nor did he expect that he would listen so

they experienced too. Only when

can't be as bad as we think. At least, the world was objective. How to

girls, say something. You

if you can win the hearts of the two

beauties are just ordinary people, I suppose you must

share with

talking enthusiastically, Sara glanced at Jacob. Sara wanted to ask for

bad idea came to Sara's mind, and

face. He had never heard of

stood up gracefully, and Jacob pushed away her

I have to take advantage of this opportunity to share my feelings.

it! Why did he ask me to do that without any precaution? Wasn't he afraid that I

determined and he was liked, "Go ahead, I believe you."

think it's so meaningful. To be honest, everyone's conclusion was very good. You didn't exaggerate your experiences or made it feel pessimistic. You

are all right. And I can see that you have a rich experience after graduation. Only people who loved life would have such

Maybe they didn't know her at all. Maybe after today, they were strangers when they met again in

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