Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 239 Are You Jealous

The students talked in pairs or in groups. All in all, the scene was warm and cordial. It felt as if they were families and talking about the old days.

"Well, didn't you say you wouldn't come before?" Jacob teased Sara expressionlessly as if teasing her had become his greatest pleasure now.

Sara rolled her eyes at Jacob. She also deeply enjoyed in such ridicule now. She was almost full of enthusiasm and never felt tired.

"I like it." Taking a look at Jacob arrogantly, Sara felt sweet even if he was teasing her. Since Sara knew Jacob's heart, she had been at ease to the extreme.

"Okay, okay. You are awesome, aren't you?" Jacob narrowed his eyes and looked at Noah, who was looking at them with a smile.

"What's wrong, Jacob? Why are you so henpecked now?" Noah teased Jacob with a smile. Sitting next to Jacob, Noah saw everything clearly.

"I'm in your team now. You should be happy." Jacob also had a smile on his face. He couldn't help laughing when he said this.

Hearing that, Sara burst into laughter. Why did the two men talk as if they had met their confidants?

"Now we can share the same feelings." Noah shrugged his shoulders and looked very aggrieved.

Raising her eyebrows, Bess asked, "What are you two talking about? Are you ganging up to bully my Sara? "

Hearing Bess raise her voice, Sara couldn't help laughing. "Oh, no. Bess, how dare they bully me?"

"Yes, honey. I'm on your side. " Noah expressed his attitude in a hurry, and he was happy in his heart. They were family and friends, and they could tease each other.

Someone came to propose a toast. Sara took a look and remembered he was Bodie because his name was too special. The others looked familiar, but she couldn't remember what their names.

But it didn't matter. Now that destiny had brought them together, it matters little that they had never met before.

When Sara was about to take the wine from Bodie's hand, Jacob took it before her.

for her." Jacob was also expressionless. It

It seemed that Jacob would

really make a person grow up. Jacob used to be an inexperienced man, but why did he become

so sweet. It seems that Mrs. Sara is such a good teacher. Our handsome and talented Jacob could became so considerate. " Bodie

a lot of people who envied their love now. Of course,

past, no one would envy

generously to Bodie because she had a

two speak in the same tone, please stop your public display of

loquacious." Jacob also joked. He didn't want Sara to

wine." Then Jacob picked up the glass from Bodie and

and Jacob had never drank the wine for anyone. Fortunately, he had finally came in

at Jacob affectionately, Sara said, "I can drink

want to drink, I'll go home with you and drink as much as you want." Jacob

only express her speechless

rolled her eyes naturally, she was almost

After saying that, Sara turned her back to Jacob and stared blankly at the

such a day would never come back. But no one would think of it at

Is Sara angry?" Noah had stood up to welcome his classmate's toast, but when he turned his head, he saw Sara angrily sitting on the chair and turning

mind her. She has a bad temper now." Jacob

However, she felt that Jacob's tone was full of doting. Looking at the scene in front of her with one hand supporting her head, Sara sighed with emotion. If only

mess. Perhaps it was the most relaxed and pleasant thing to talk at the table, so that everyone felt that everything

eat? You can order whatever you like. " Raising his head, Noah asked everyone in a loud voice. How time

them looked more mature and less naive than before. Maybe they were a little

were really the purest friends. It felt great

thanks. I'm

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