Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 240 Don't Cry, My Friend

It looked like that he didn't know how to face it.

"Indeed, I've never seen you jealous before." Sara pursed her lips. She had never seen Jacob being jealous because she had no chance.

"Now that you see me get jealous, are you a fool?" Jacob also reached out his hand and rubbed Sara's nose. The weather was too cold, and so was Jacob's hand.

"You hand is so cold. How dare you touch my face?" In fact, Sara was just embarrassed. It was the first time that Jacob had done such a thing to her.

Jacob's EQ had been online since... Thinking of this, Sara followed Jacob to the door of the restaurant.

"How late did we sing today?" Sara frowned. She didn't know if her clothes were thick enough to keep warm at night.

"It depends. If you want to leave, I'll take you away." Seeing Noah was greeting the classmates, Jacob couldn't help but sigh. If it weren't for Noah, who would have organized this party?

Perhaps no one could do as well as Noah.

The city already had an aura of early spring, but the wind was still blowing hard, making people feel like winter and spring from time to time. Standing at the gate of the restaurant and looking at the constant stream of traffic, people could feel that this city was always full of vitality.

After drinking a little wine, Sara's face turned red, and Jacob stood beside her with a straight torso. Even strangers would think that these two people were a perfect match.

They took a taxi one after another and Jacob also sent Sara to KTV. When they got out of the car, Jacob lowered his head and asked Sara, "If you don't like the noise here, you can go back."

"No, it's okay." Glancing at the man who was walking in front of her with great interest, Sara thought it would be a bummer if she didn't go with him.

tonight." A smile appeared on Jacob's face. He didn't know why, but now

had a tacit understanding. Jacob was also very happy. Everything was developing in the direction he

been to a KTV. He

much about the business. But now, after several years of

for a person's growth. As long as he was willing to devote himself to one thing, he would get what he wanted after a few years of hard work. Of course, this was

sitting down, Sara took a deep breath. Bess sat next to Sara, and Noah and Jacob were still waiting for

think it's worth it?" Bess sat down and held Sara's hand. Now, Bess didn't

reunion would be like this. " Frowning, Sara recalled what had happened in her class. It

there were too many small groups in the class and they were not in good relationship, and it was difficult for them to gather

meet each other again after they parted. And

known that there was such a close friendship in the world.

of his classmates arrive. After they came in, Jacob also secretly glanced at what Sara was doing, and then began

not bad today. It's

"Yes, spring is coming."

ha, I didn't expect the reunion is

Well, where are Sara and Bess? Where have they

the way, someone suddenly spoke of Sara and

waved her hand to the crowd at the door. On the other hand, Sara just smiled. Fortunately, Bess was staying with her,

found him almost at a glance. It was always had such magic. People could always see the person they liked in the

who was silent, looked dignified. His every move had a magic

in this way could Sara feel that Jacob looked good. If

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