Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 241 Friendship

"Is there a window that can keep you from despair? Look at the world. Life is like a dream. " As soon as Sara opened her mouth, she attracted everyone's attention.

"Wow, she sings so well and her voice is so beautiful! Why is the world so unfair? " Bodie sighed.

"It's so beautiful..."

Almost all the people around were attracted by Sara's voice. She was so beautiful and sang so well. Many people thought to themselves, 'It's a pity that she didn't want to be a star.'

Hearing the cheers of the people around him, Jacob stared at Sara in a daze. She had always been an excellent person, but he hadn't noticed it in the past.

"Someone is crying and someone is laughing. Someone is losing and someone is old. The result is still the same." Sara continued to sing, looking at Jacob with her bright eyes. At this moment, she was unprecedentedly satisfied.

"Is there any kind of love that can prevent you from getting hurt. I have so many things to tell you over these years. I could be sober up and I could forget the pain. If we walk forward, we won't be able to look back. "

Jacob sang with Sara and he had never been so serious before. The lyrics were also about their life experience. They could be sober up and they could forget the pain.

With her eyes fixed on Jacob, Sara held Jacob's hand gently. If only time could stop at this moment. This was the best way that Jacob loved her.

When Jacob sang, the audience was in an uproar. Their voices were like a catalyst for the atmosphere. It was absolutely pleasant to hear. Everyone applauded and cheered excitedly.

"It sounds good..."

"Oh my God! What a perfect match!"

"I like their voices so much."

her, Sara just smiled faintly and tightened her grip

shoulder and stared blankly at Sara and Jacob in the spotlight. Everything was as

had done for this day. And how did she

and sighed. Somehow, she

Noah sensed that something was

nothing. But Noah had already guessed a little. Because of the marriage of his good friend, Noah was determined

your soul mate. My friend, don't cry. You should believe in your own way. In

Sara sang together, and everyone looked at the two with bright eyes. And most of them have the same feelings about

held her. Perhaps at this moment, he didn't

friend. I won't be lonely with you. There are few true friends in the sea of people. Please don't ignore

at the people sitting upright in front of them. Life had made the once dandiacal people learn to be serious and know what was the cruelty. However, Jacob also hoped that at any time, everyone could

of people. Please don't ignore this friendship." Jacob slowly sang the last

charm of music. Jacob could sing freely and emotionally. This world was so wonderful that it could express


to do this? You sing so well. Are you here to show off? " Bodie's voice was so loud that almost everyone heard

you jealous, Bodie?" With a smile on her face, Pock thought, 'Everyone will be jealous of such a talented perfect match, but Bodie

is really unfair." Bodie pretended to

Bodie, but felt that such a scene

I don't dare to sing later." Bodie waved at everyone and then said something that

shamelessly." Bodie said with a sense of

Sara in order to end this conversation as soon

want to sing next, in case you can't get a seat." After saying that, Jacob handed the microphone

it was not appropriate for her and Jacob to attend the party, because she always felt that there were too many strangers. But now, Sara felt that everyone was like her friend and everything was going

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