Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 243 The Mystery

Everything had become mysteries, but today's party had to remind people of their previous sentimental relationship. The end of reunion after long time of separation always make people feel sadder.

Sara really wanted to go up and hug Jacob, but she couldn't break the atmosphere at this moment. So she just sat aside and watched him proposing toasts to each of them.

Sometimes when a group of people were gathering together, everyone would feel that there was still a lot of time left for them to spend together. But before long, they would understood that no feast would last forever.

Time might be endless, but everyone's life was limited. The number of people one could know in his or her limited life was naturally limited. That's why everyone was so sad.

The heroic words had been broken by the reality. One may wanted to conquer the world at the age, but he or she are more likely to indulge him or herself in mediocre life. Those who were determined to guide the society ended up as a gear in the huge machine of the society.

All these dreams finally became bubbles that burst silently. And almost everyone had known and accepted this fact. However, it's already lucky for them to see those who had been bragged with them. After all, they had been chasing their unrealistic dreams together before.

Sean sat dejectedly in the corner of the room. He might be the one who had the least words at the party. His ideal had already been shattered by the reality. Even if he was still a warm-hearted person, his original passion was no longer there.

He was also the most confused person among all the people present. The reality can be a harsh educator sometimes. Under its education, Sean was no longer that talkative person anymore.

Sara had already noticed that Sean was sitting alone in the corner. Everyone was talking happily, making his solitude even more miserable.

Sara sat next to Sean, who was like an onlooker of the scene.

With a glass of wine in her hand, Sara came close to Sean, only then did Sean noticed her.

"Sara." He seemed a little surprised. He didn't expect that someone would notice him. Of course, the fewer people noticing him, the better the situation would be.

"Well, why are you sitting here alone? Don't you want to talk to your classmates?" There was no emotion in Sara's voice. She sounded neither enthusiastic nor cold, more like stating an objective fact.

was theirs." Sean lowered his head. His expression was vague in the dim light.

you have nothing?" Sara was confused. This sentence was so familiar, but she couldn't remember where it came from.

humorous." Sean let out a hollow laugh. Although he didn't have much communication with his classmates, he was not regret coming to the party. But as a

He was just on the way to become a successful person. Sean glanced at

this in front of others. Even if no one would make comparisons of their living standards before classmates, there were always people

as a loser, he was unwilling to accept

now?" Shaking the glass in her hand, Sara thought it was really improper if she don't drink any

than most people, I think. I was fired by the company and opened a small bar. It made me understand that

to him. But more people would simply see him as a loser. Sean

bar, right?" After thinking about what had happened to herself, Sara didn't think she was

for a while and didn't continue. Maybe he was just trying to keep his

wondered what kind of monster life was that could make such

bar was opened with the help of Jacob." Lowering his head, Sean felt that he shouldn't have come to the

smiled brightly. She could always see the positive side of life. Maybe it's this ability that helped her get though all

long. Only the strong people could survive to see the bright future.

people around him were living good lives. They were all as

what I think." Sara's relaxed tone almost pierced through Sean's heart, and awakened him in an instant.

thought of things in such a positive way. He suddenly felt that he was too narrow-minded in the past. When he encountered too many setbacks, it was natural for him to feel that he

seemed to come to a new life after hearing Sara's word. He sighed, thinking that

I propose the toast to you." A smile climbed up on Sean's face. It was not exaggerated to say that Sara just acted as the beacon in

side and your will live a happier life. " With her head tilted to one side, Sara made

exams in my class. So I hope that I could be the first to find a good job." Squinting slightly, Sean expressed his ambitions.

first one anymore. Because there were many things in life that could not be compared. For example, what kind of work could be ranked as

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