Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 244 Reflect On Myself

"I began to reflect on myself, but I didn't get a satisfactory answer. Perhaps there were many questions in this world that had no answers. I'm not sure. " Sean smiled and said in a relaxed tone.

"I feel the same way most of the time. Sometimes it's not that you want too much, but that the world gives you too little." Looking at Sean in a daze, Sara felt so touched that no one could give her that feelings.

Except for Jacob. Jacob was the source of Sara's inspiration. Of course, Jacob didn't know this. If he knew this, he didn't know what he would think.

Everyone had a scale in their hearts to consider their own gains and losses and understand their own thoughts. Therefore, Sara was no exception. She felt that Sean looked like herself at that time. But she also believed that as long as Sean was willing to, he would figure it out sooner or later.

"I finally understood. You should strive for what you want by yourself." Sean smiled sadly. Perhaps in many people's lives, the loss was much more than the happiness.

That was why happiness was so precious. Happy time was always short enough to make people forget time, but parting had already quietly arrived, just as at this moment.

"Do you really think your life is full of regrets?" With her head tilted to one side, Sara happened to think that life would only be full of twists and turns.

Living in the greenhouse all the time, no one would think that life was not easy.

"Almost, but I have lost as much as I have gained." Sean smiled, not knowing what to say. Today might be the first time he expressed his thoughts, and perhaps the last time.

After all, people came and gone. It was hard to find a true friend, and the people he met were all important friend.

"You are right. Maybe an optimistic and positive life in the future will be good for you. " Raising her glass, Sara clinked it with Sean's.

felt a little relieved at the moment. Maybe he was relieved before, but he did not find it. To be relieved always needed time, and he had

what they had or what they wanted all their lives. But many people didn't need to look for it at all, because

to wait, while anxious people always couldn't wait. Perhaps there was no right or wrong

She had asked herself this question many times,

It was depressing. What happened yesterday was still vivid in her mind. She was the one

was so wonderful. Sara took a sip of wine. She didn't drink much today. Sara had long understood that alcohol was potion that could

Sean's answer. Perhaps, she

once he admitted it, it didn't mean that he really

I don't care about it now. I think everything is fine, so I can live a happy

it before, but after so many disappointment, he might no longer be silly to look forward

why people were fragile. Because of too much disappointment, they

to say something, but in the end, he didn't. How

you a bright future. " Sara stood up with sincere eyes. Even in the dim light, she could hardly see the face of the man, but she still saw the

Sean's eyes, Sara could tell these things. Maybe life had ruined too much hope for him, but Sara believed that as long as he

is also for you. I wish you happiness. Both you and Jacob are good people. You will be happy. "

Taking a sip of the wine, Sara suddenly felt a

were talking about something from the very beginning. " Jacob gently put his arm around Sara's shoulder,

to come to an end, he was a little busy and couldn't take care of Sara's feelings.

at Jacob, who was standing next to her, Sara found that no matter when Jacob stood next to her, she didn't feel as stressful

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