Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 245 It's Time To Say Goodbye

"I know. I will. " Jacob tightened his grip on Sara's shoulder. Perhaps, accepting other people's advice and being modest would make him less likely to make mistakes.

The road was already so tortuous, and Jacob didn't want to take a detour again.

Sara stood aside and smiled. "Thank you."

"No, I should thank you. You made me think through a lot of things that I couldn't figure out in the past." Sean smiled sincerely. It was great that an outsider would come to such a classmate gathering today.

"Guys, the party is almost over. No matter where we are in the future, I hope we can keep in touch with each other. " Everyone was attracted by Noah's voice.

Jacob turned around and saw that Noah was standing beside the ordering platform with a microphone in his hand, announcing the end of the party.

Today had passed so quickly. As if it had been a lifetime, Jacob looked at everyone without saying anything. They had quietly approached each other.

Everyone looked at Noah. It was him who organized today's classmate gathering and announced the end of the party. They were very satisfied.

Both of Pock and Bodie didn't say anything. At first, Bodie was still discussing something with someone, but suddenly, he heard the announcement of Noah. Bodie, who had refused to listen to the voice, seemed to have to accept it.

To accept the separation and the fact that they had to call it a night. However, it seemed that Bodie was unwilling. He wanted to continue to talk to his classmate, but he found that he could not say anything.

Maybe it was just because Bodie couldn't speak it out that showed his sadness. The separation finally came. He was caught off guard.

"What I want to say is that thank you for putting down the business in your hands and rushing here today. Our friendship won't end here, and I believe that we will continue to write more stories of our own in the future. I wish everyone a bright future. "

too many things to say and too many people to see

Noah put down the microphone in his hand. From today on, the people gathered were scattered everywhere again. The group of people began to

opened their mouth, they would say they didn't want to leave. In that case, they would really be reluctant

to say goodbye while everyone

a feeling of reluctance, but when the first

crowd in front of him. Suddenly, a saying came

moment in one's life was a constant separation, and only when people

today was the coldest day in this winter. Maybe spring was

Fortunately, he still had Sara by his

it before, but now every time he thought of it, he knew it more and more clearly. Perhaps, today's meeting was to remind him

knew what Jacob was feeling now, and

each other's sadness. Following Jacob, Sara walked to the end, watching everyone

to each other anymore, they wouldn't express their joy, anger, sorrow, and they wouldn't know each

had become the most familiar strangers in the vast sea of people. Maybe when they

his head to look at his toes, and his steps were too heavy to walk. It would be great if time stopped at this

one could stop it. So no matter how many times it happened, it was always like this. Jacob restrained his emotions.

he was sad. As time went by, he became cold and aloof. No

or he shaped his life. In a

what was supposed to go would go. It was still difficult for him to spend this

finally came to the door of the KTV. They were cars parking in a line at

didn't see it. That road was always there, but the people that walked along were

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