Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 246 Let Bygones Be Bygones

Bodie and Pock were the last who left. Maybe they were the people who was reluctant to leave most. Today was destined to be an unusual day for them.

"Jacob, Noah, we are leaving now." Bodie was even a little sad. Even though there was a smile on his face, they still felt that smile was a little desolate in this hazy winter night.

What was desolate was naturally people, and things were emotionless. Hearing what Bodie said, Sara felt like crying. He was a positive and sunny person, but now his face was full of exhaustion.

Maybe Bodie had spent all his enthusiasm today, so he looked desolate and tired now. Pock was the one who cried dramatically just now.

No one called her "Pock" anymore.

"Jacob, Noah, thank you for what you have done today. I will remember the ten year appointment. I will definitely come." After saying goodbye to them, Pock felt it was much relieved to leave.

The real reality was far more profound than she had imagined, so when Pock said goodbye face to face, her tears welled up again. She wiped her face with her hands and felt a chill on her face.

Noah handed tissue paper to Pock, "Thank you for fulfilling my dream."

Noah said it sincerely, which made Pock, who took the tissue from Noah, couldn't help but want to cry. Standing next to Jacob, Sara couldn't help but shed tears in Jacob's arms.

Even the bystanders felt that this kind of scene made him cry. Even though it was not easy for Sara to feel sad, she could not help but shed tears now.

"Goodbye. We will meet by chance. We have always been in this city. As long as you want, we can meet again at any time. Be safe. " Jacob's voice softened, but not as cold and stern as usual.

After everyone left, there were only Noah, Sara and Jacob left at the door. The wind was so strong that it made their faces cold.

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"Okay." Sara nodded.

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