Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 249 The First Time

Jacob gently leaned on Sara's shoulder. His eyes were sad and full of emotion. James stood on the side, a serious look on his face. What happened today was bound to happen sooner or later. However, he didn't expect that it would happen so fast.

Birth, aging, illness, and death were all inevitable. They were things that couldn't be changed in life. James was well aware of this, but he was still sad.

He had witnessed all sorts of highs and lows, but he still couldn't accept the way things were. After all, it was extremely difficult to come to terms with getting separated from someone forever— especially if it was someone you loved.

Soon, a doctor came out, clutching a piece of paper in his hand. It looked like a form of sorts.

"Excuse me, who is the patient's family?" Although the doctor was speaking clearly, Jacob couldn't seem to hear his words. He had zoned out, and he felt like he was turning deaf. If only he could really turn deaf and never find out what had really happened. However, he needed to face this.

"I am." Jacob looked up and stared at the doctor with his red eyes, afraid and worried. For the first time, he was afraid he was going to be faced with something he couldn't handle.

He knew this moment was inevitable, but he wished he could have had more time. He felt his heart beat wildly in his chest.

"Here's the thing. We need you sign the form before we proceed with the operation. This is an extremely high-risk procedure, so we will need you to sign off your consent. It has to be done by a direct relative," the doctor said, expressionless.

He had been used to both life and death, to sadness and joy. His professionalism commanded him to be as placid as possible, offering no special treatment to the man before him. What he needed to do was to do his best to save the man during the operation.

"What will happen if I don't sign it?" Jacob asked, trying to restrain his emotions. He knew that he needed to be strong at that moment, but he could feel his voice begin to tremble.

He couldn't express his emotions. Although he was a powerful businessman, there was nothing he could do to change his situation at that moment.

He tried to make his voice as gentle as possible. This was a difficult

hopeful about the outcome. He needed Jacob to sign the form, so that the hospital wouldn't be liable in case the outcome was terrible. He

for him to hand over the form. God only knew how difficult it was for him to say those words. With

that the operation will be a high-risk procedure. After the operation, the patient would still need to go through a long

of every time he had to witness as the operation failed or the patient's condition got worse. He could do nothing but apologize

whenever such things happened. Therefore, the doctor deeply wished for the

Sometimes, failure even came during the eleventh hour. They

lowered his head. He was still in shock by what he had done, and his mind felt

had finally arrived, but Jacob still wasn't prepared. Even though he already had a premonition,

doctor left to prepare, leaving the three of them in the waiting room. Nobody spoke, and the air felt heavy. Perhaps they were all reeling from the news and none of them knew how to handle such a thing. Life would present people with a lot of things that

comfort him. She tried to speak several times, but no words came out of her mouth.

She didn't need to speak. Thinking of this, Sara squeezed his hand even tighter,

them because of our own carelessness, but sometimes, we are destined to lose them. However, loss of any

youth, their dream, their passion, and even their family.

As he stood at the door of the emergency room,

anyone else to feel just how soul-crushing it was to go through something like this, and Jacob wished no one else would

had suddenly frozen. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Suddenly, the doctor opened

as he recovers. However, I want you all to prepare yourselves mentally. The patient will be facing many sessions of chemotherapy, and the whole

They had done their best during the operation, but the

decay before their very eyes, and they couldn't do anything to stop it. The process would drain the life out of anyone. Even the most

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