Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 250 Speechless

When he got up and went out, he met Jacob. This time, no blame had been put on Jacob.

He had always been Michael's pride. And not only that, Jacob did his best to make his father happy. He was more than willing to give up on his dreams.

According to him, dreams were nothing. He strived to become a good son. If anything, his actual dream was to accomplish his father's dream. And Michael's only dream was for his son to run his company well.

That's why Jacob worked so hard.

When his mother passed away, Michael had called him towards him.

"Are you sad to lose your mother?" his father had asked softly. Michael himself was on the verge of tears, but he tried to bring comfort to his son.

Jacob nodded and tears began to stream down his face. He lifted his head and saw his father had begun to cry as well. This memory was deeply ingrained in his memory. After all, this was the first time he had seen his father cry.

Perhaps his father had only cried once in his life. He took Jacob's mother's death quite badly.

"I'm as sad as you are. But from now on, we have to be strong, understand?" Michael turned around and wiped his tears quietly. It looked like he didn't want Jacob to know how hurt he was. Jacob stood still, listening to his father's words.

Michael went on, "So, no matter what happens in the future, try not to cry. You have to be strong. Can you do that?" Throughout this conversation, his voice was strong and gentle. Jacob's eyes were on his father, seeing how red his father's eyes had gotten.

Jacob wiped his father's tears and said, "Dad, stop crying. After all, you said we shouldn't cry."

Back then he was a child. But as he grew up, he often replayed this conversation, slowly understanding the pain his father had been in. In spite of that, he hadn't neglected Jacob. He came to comfort his son.

everyone said that he was hopeless, his father had faith in him. It was his father's firmness

his side in the future. Jacob couldn't

lose the sole support that he wanted in life. He working hard would seem

to work for the company would also wane. Perhaps he would choose a quiet place and live there

many thoughts began to spiral in his mind. He dismissed the thoughts that went in the direction of giving up. He wouldn't let his father's

up!' he thought to himself.

Jacob tilted his head and tried to be calm, but his hands were trembling. James had always lived with his father. He

a few seconds. Instead, he looked at the door

had said it, Jacob would punch him to the ground. But he loved

pain in his heart only increased. No one could know the pain he was in right now. The loss of a loved one was much more

could earn money easily if he lost it. But once a human life was lost, there was

looked at the ward nervously as if he

fate, sadness is fate, pain is fate. Grief and joy, all emotions and desires can be described as fate." After thinking for a moment, James enlightened Jacob with an answer.

true. Do what we might, nobody could stop these emotions

cry but he remembered his father's words. Having no choice, he held back his tears. His eyes were red.

we can cherish the people who are with us." James lowered his head after he spoke. This was a simple truth that he had come to understand after it

always the main object of his life. And from his experience, he gathered it was more painful than any

them to change the past, their only choice was to remain silent. Jacob took a deep

Jacob looked at the two people present there expectantly.

know what to say. She couldn't promise him everything would be

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