Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 251 Suffering

A confused expression painted Jacob's face as he pondered about his past, present, and future. It was only then that he realized that his life felt like a swamp. He was stuck there and couldn't get away. Although he wanted to escape, it was already too late.

Actually, a lot of people have trapped themselves in their lives without any idea of how it happened. Unfortunately, like dominoes, everything they built would collapse because one pillar became unstable.

Nonetheless, even if everything fell into ruin, we need to stand up again. Otherwise, a lot of people would be left lying on the ground.

With empty eyes, Jacob stared at the door of the ICU as if the space between was a whole new universe. He felt like it was a different world outside the door.

Meanwhile, Michael was still unconscious and was lying on the bed. In his dream, he was suffering from a terrible headache. For so long, he endured unbearable pain. He had no idea when it would end.

By accident, he found out on the news that something happened to the Shi Group. However, he had nothing to do about it. He spent every day trying to wake up early. Unfortunately, time paced faster without him waking up.

To prevent anyone from worrying, he kept everything he knew a secret. His body felt worse and dying. At that moment, he realized that his best time couldn't return.

He never woke up until today. The incandescent lamp made him dizzy. Suddenly, he felt that someone was with him. Nonetheless, he was having a hard time opening his eyes.

He knew that he would only cause trouble for Jacob. Out of stubbornness, Michael refused to bother anyone. Bothering other people meant that he was useless and old.

The last thing he wanted was for the people around him to feel sad for him. As such, he didn't want them to treat him as a weak patient. Therefore, he was always reluctant to go to the hospital or have a doctor treat him.

He never wanted anyone's sympathy. As such, he never accepted anyone's care for him. People with dignity should stay away from the sympathy of others.

he lived his life as a strong man. There's no way he could endure the pitiful stare of other people. For him, a proud death was much better

his family, he couldn't make them understand. After all, people only

moment, Michael's biggest concern was Jacob's marriage with Sara. The couple had some problems, which caused his heart to ache.

capabilities, Michael had no control over other people's emotions. He remembered an old

life, Michael felt heartbroken. At that moment,

hard, his eyes remained shut. His eyelids seemed like it was glued to the bottom of his eyes. It was as if someone had covered his eyes with their hands. Even if he opened his eyes, all he could

time. For some reason, he

of his tenacity, he thought he endured so long. He took the path of

end of his life at the end of redemption.

waiting outside the ICU for Michael. Anxiety and nervousness seemed to have frozen time. On the bed, Michael was lying peacefully as if he was in deep slumber. Nonetheless,

a dilemma. If his father didn't wake up, the people around him would be in anguish.

outcome, someone would still suffer. Jacob already prepared himself that it might happen one day. Unfortunately, he never expected it to happen so

operation would already save his father. There would be no need for them to separate anymore. However, a second operation became necessary. With dull eyes, Jacob stared

people were passing by the operating room's door. Only the three of them were left waiting. None of them spoke a

A pitiful expression painted Sara's face as she looked at Jacob. For two hours,

puppet. As such, his silence made her worry about him. No matter what

first time she had seen him look so fragile. Well, he never showed anyone a weak side of himself after all. In

talent to make people admire him. However, at that moment, Sara thought

such a situation. As

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