Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 252 The End Of His Life

In the past, James was someone who did whatever he wanted without thinking of the consequences and his brother was always there to clean up the mess he made. Unfortunately, his brother was no longer as energetic as he used to be.

Time made it easy for people to throw their lives away. There was no one left in the end.

Light from the outside was slowly starting to fill the room. Noticing that it was almost morning, James's eyes darted towards Jacob. "Why don't you get some rest for a while?"

Jacob smiled bitterly and only shook his head. "You can go ahead, Uncle James. I'm fine. I can take over for now." The way he said it as he looked at his uncle with a tired expression made Jacob seem like he had been carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

No matter what he was going through, he had to remain strong. After all, not everything turned out for the worst. The operation, at least, was a success. There was still hope no matter how long the wait would be.

However, Michael was still currently in a coma. Jacob believed that his father would definitely wake up. His old man was strong and he knew that he wouldn't be giving up that easily.

Still, he couldn't help but feel restless. During the past couple of hours, Jacob didn't do anything but pondered on a lot of thoughts in his mind. Perhaps, life really consisted of ups and downs.

"I'll just rest here for a while. I've already asked Winnie to bring some food. You don't have to worry about the company's affairs right now," James murmured. Surprisingly, he was very calm that he didn't expect it himself. It didn't take long before he felt his eyes getting heavier for him to handle. At first, he plopped on the chair beside him and after a few minutes his eyes had finally closed. After struggling for too long, exhaustion had finally met him.

Sara, on the other hand, had suddenly jolted awake. Her eyes had immediately landed on Jacob, whose own orbs were bloodshot from the lack of sleep. She blinked a few times and rubbed her still sleepy eyes to clear up her vision. It didn't feel like she had dozed off at all. She only remembered barely closing her eyes for a moment and the next thing it was already morning.

However, she remembered a series of dreams that took place while she was out cold. Michael had appeared in her dream, and she kept on calling for him and Jacob. No matter how many times she called out to them, no one answered.

Still, she kept on yelling out their names with the hopes that someone would respond. The moment she snapped out of the dream and opened her eyes, it immediately confused her. The dream felt so real. Nothing could be compared to real life, though, since reality was crueler still.

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where he could get a clear glimpse of Michael who was still not awake. A soft sigh escaped his lips. Fortunately, his heartbeat was at

up, no matter how long it would take. There was a lot of time that he had missed out to spend some time with his father. He

would spend as much time as he could with him. We only pass once through this world. Once we have reached the end of

hospital bed without any consciousness. Getting him to wake up wouldn't be easy. It was just a

bites. Jacob wasn't in any mood to eat either, but still he obediently ate the food that Sara had forced into his mouth. He felt extremely awful, but he didn't

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