Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 253 What Should Come Eventually Came

Jacob felt like his father had cried so many times that his tears had practically left permanent traces on his face.

He was nervous. For some reason, his heart felt heavy. It was as if it was weighed down with a bad hunch.

His mind instinctively repulsed the possibility, and his heart was shouting "No". Unfortunately, he couldn't do anything, not even to shout his objection out loud. He seemed to have been petrified by the grim prospect. At this moment, he could only pray in his heart, hoping that life wouldn't be so cruel as to leave people no power over their death.

"I know… my health… It's been… bad... for a long time… I didn't... want to worry you... I was… I was just pretending… pretending to be alright... But now… I can't pretend any longer."

Michael's eyes were bright. Even though his life was running out, his eyes were still as firm as before. No one could stop him from doing what he'd decided to do. He'd chosen the best path for himself.

"No, dad... Believe me—you'll get better. You have to be confident and trust yourself. We'll always be with you. We'll help you get through this. You must hold on."

Jacob continued to say encouraging words, though it was unclear whether he was encouraging himself or his father. The uneasiness in his heart seemed to grow increasingly heavier with each passing second. Furthermore, he knew his father very well, and it made him even more afraid to listen to what he'd say.

"Jacob, you and Sara… The two of you must live happily together... As for the company… just do your best… I know, you… you've always been… living… living for me. Now, I hope you… can live for… yourself. I won't… blame you."

It was getting more and more difficult for Michael to speak. He didn't care how his operation ended up, but he knew he didn't have much time left. At this moment, he was just using all his willpower to resist his sleepiness. The only thing he felt now was that he was about to leave this world.

As it turned out, people could sense it when they were going to die. This gave them some time to say their final words to their family. Michael was in so much pain now, but he knew this pain wouldn't last long.

"I know. Rest assured—I'll follow your wish. I need you to go through all these with me, dad. You've got to get well as soon as possible."

Even though the prospect was grim, Jacob wasn't willing to give up all hope. He still had to cheer his father up. If he, the supporter, gave up, how could he expect the patient to continue fighting?

broke into violent coughs which made him look even weaker than before. In front of death, human lives were

Michael was heaving, trying to speak and breathe at the

shaken. What should come finally

was as if something was stuck in his throat. His heart was thumping madly. The ominous premonition in his mind made him feel like escaping but he couldn't even move. In the

had another fit of coughs. His illness was really torturing him. Nevertheless, the most painful thing for him now was to live as a sick old man

his son's eyes was glaring. He'd rather die quietly than letting the people around him

life was ending, and nothing could change that. The first operation he had was

twice after all. A life full of illnesses was torture. For an old patient

his ailing father's

own fate, and they had the right to make their own choice. Besides, he

complain, but it was still hard for him to come to terms with reality. After all, the hope of life had just appeared before

little... chance to survive, I don't want

looked like a long, flowing stream. It was an aged stream, profound, and natural. No one wanted to

no choice. He'd rather proudly face death than slowly being tortured to death by illness. He knew how difficult it was for the people dear to him to

needed his family's consent. Others might not understand why he'd choose to

how painful living could be for a cancer patient. This kind of pain was torture to both their body and mind.

doctor, who unusually had a rather abnormal expression, warned

was the special circumstance the doctor mentioned. Jacob was about to have a mental breakdown. He felt

father's wishes ever since he was a child

this?" His voice was trembling. When he recalled this scene in the future, he'd probably feel he'd wasted

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